I had to "Old Yeller" my old laptop, a laptop that has given me a decade of entertainment, became the ultimate retro console thanks to emulators, and has allowed me to pursue my dream of being a game designer with both RPG Maker & SMBX. Now, ALL of that work, is gone. This is not how my 40th birthday should be. I am dead inside now. I just don't give a shit about anything anymore ;_;
Dragon Quest Remake (95%...
A remake of the classic 1st Dragon Quest with RPG Maker MV




That's Nabeshin from Excel Saga. A copyrighted character.
Copyrighted Characters + Microtransactions = Lawsuit (from Viz Media)


Only 4 screenshots & not 1 screenshot of what battles look like?


Why does this remind me of the Greater Grail from the Fate/Stay Night series?


Cloud called. Said he wants his Buster Sword back!


Pokemon Trainer Red wants to battle!
Pkmn Trainer Red sends out all 3 starter pokemon!
Ice Snake, Torch Turtle & Thorn Flower


You do know Dragon Warrior/Quest is owned not by Nintendo, but Square Enix, right?


Why is the map named 'World' instead of Alefgard?
Why is there a crossbow icon at the bottom of the screen?

Those walls for the cliff edge of the Dragonlord's Castle don't look right.
Don't you have a more natural looking cliff wall to use?


Why are your shores made of ice instead of a normal land edge?


That's not side-view, that front view with the characters visible. Its practically the same as FF Mystic Quest or Phantasy Star. Lufia 2 had characters visible in a front view too, but looks way better.

Even if you're using a side-view script, if the overall view point isn't side-view then you should not refer to it that way or people may shun your game for not knowing the difference or false advertising, etc.


Wow! That's very nice for a map. Is this parallax mapping?