I had to "Old Yeller" my old laptop, a laptop that has given me a decade of entertainment, became the ultimate retro console thanks to emulators, and has allowed me to pursue my dream of being a game designer with both RPG Maker & SMBX. Now, ALL of that work, is gone. This is not how my 40th birthday should be. I am dead inside now. I just don't give a shit about anything anymore ;_;
Dragon Quest Remake (95%...
A remake of the classic 1st Dragon Quest with RPG Maker MV



SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I opened it up in the VSDC Video Editor, but the file size got inflated to just more than double, but its finally up on youtube. What's silly is that I can't quite remember how to edit a entry in the media section :P

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

Lovely! I just hit a brick wall! I've managed to get up to part 4 uploaded but everytime I try to upload part 5, I get a 'Can't Process Video' error. I'll have to open the video in some video editor & try to fix it. Google searches have brought up that it might have something to do with file format even though its the same as the first 4, but I guess I need to 're-encode' it. Youtube needs to get its act together!

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I don't have internet at home so I'll miss out on it :(
This is one of the reasons why I prefer standard videos over live streams. You can watch the video at anytime where a live stream is just like cable TV, if you don't tune in on a certain time then you miss it & can't watch it, unless its archived as a video to watch later.

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

Sorry about that. Forgot to put spoiler tags (and forgot how to). It's still worth playing, not that big of a deal.

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I've done it! Completed the game, got all 100 stars & discovered the 'extra stuff'. I'm uploading the 1st video as of now & hopefully be able to upload at least half of them or more (10 Parts) today.

I just have 3 questions Hali:
1 - What made you change the last boss?
2 - What made you change {REDACTED}?
3 - Will there be another RMN Bros/World game in the future or is this the finale to the series?


Throw it over the cliff! (Mario 64)


A thought just came to my mind "Lakitu Tornado."

I wonder if that's possible in SMBX 2.0...

I don't know what you're referring to but it don't sound right & Lakitu is an annoying little prick to begin with.


"Its coming right for us! Shoot it in the face!"


I don't remember a computer monitor being there.


I remember the 1st time I saw that thing & freaked out when it came at me. That's scary!