Touhou <3
The Forest Trail
"I beg of you, do not stay out after dark"



When people don't comment or do anything on my game page, first I get unmotivated and then I just stop working .-.

I don't want positive attention anyway. I prefer when people make complaints about the game so that I get motivated to improve. When nobody comments I don't know where to take the game, be it gameplay-wise or story-wise. I think this was taken the wrong way and makes me look like an attention craving freak .-.

The Forest Trail

tis a very dark game.

If Ariette knew how to hold a lantern it would be a lot brighter. Unless you mean mood, the game is meant to be very dark and I think I might be going a bit overboard with all the dead people.


This is nothing like "Holy Crap". You need to play TouHou, now that is a "Holy Crap!" game.

If anything, it all depends on the ship's hit box. If it's the entire ship then this looks like Normal Mode Stage 3 of MoF, if it's only a few pixels then it's like Stage 5 of IN

Good Music!! ^^

Maybe I should just leave it then? I'll leave you to write it~ ^.^

But I like your music D:

The Forest Trail

Is a new version posted yet? I have beaten the demo part after you get out of the house.

*Starts uploading updated demo*

The Forest Trail

Is this game supposed to be complete or not?
There are some glitches... the face doesn't attack you if you don't move :P you can get unlimited Red Crystals from the mirror. I was able to get past the woman without killing her which broke the game a bit. The place with the mirrors is REALLY laggy. I don't know why, but it is.

If the game was complete it would say complete. I know about the glitches and I have already fixed them. I'm not sure why the mirror room would be laggy, it's probably the lighting script.

Good Music!! ^^

UGHHH. I HAVE TO RE-RECORD THEM! But if you want I can let you hear them before I forget them? I've recorded them on the piano, I also want to add the flute... and maybe some violin if I can so this might take more than just the holidays... xD I'll try my best though~ You can put the stuff on here when it's done the piano section~ ^.^

You don't need to add other stuff, but if you feel the need to do it then go ahead .3.

Good Music!! ^^

I don't know how to get the music I'm writing onto my laptop... so yeah... I'll ask around, and when I figure it out I'll give it to you~ ^.^

Okay ^^


Thanks. It looks really good so I had to see if I couldn't snatch it for myself!

It's really useful for making death traps the player cant see ^^

F.O.E (°д°)

I hope you remembered your Ariadne Thread...

Who needs to exit the dungeon when you have an action replay?