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Custom weather?

I was wondering if I could possibly make custom weather animations for my game, but I can't seem to find any images, animations or well... anything for the weather that is built into VX Ace (Snow, rain and storm) so I have no idea what to do when I actually make a weather effect, neither do I know the dimensions that the animation/picture is meant to be. Can someone help?

Need Sprites :3

I need help making downed and sleeping sprites for characters for my game. I'm hoping someone will help :3

[Request] Need help, please? [CLOSED]

I need help to make a state to automattically activate if an actors HP is less than 30% of their max HP.
I tried making a script for it that said
if Actor @hp <30% add_new_state
but since I have absolutely NO IDEA how to make scripts it obviously never worked, so now Im here after trying for about an hour, so if any scripter can help, I would appreciate it very much.

VX Ace script request ~ Please reply

For VX Ace I seen a tutorial for skill trees using simple events, well, I wanted to expand on that idea. When a character levels up, I want them to obtain an item (skill points, skill crystals or whatever) that lets them level up their skills, as I do not wish to have money deciding skills, because I want people to be limited to having so many skills by the time they fully level up (possibly only 1 or 2 skill trees fully completed) but I just don't know how to do that since I cant make scripts from nothing like quite a lot of people can.
So if anyone is reading this, please help me.
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