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Bloodstained Hands Review

Hey, thanks so much for the review! I always appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Aww, you're welcome!

Also, I'm glad you noticed that the overworld towns actually do represent the town layout! It wasn't a huge detail, but it was something I was proud of, and I don't think anyone else has pointed it out yet, so I appreciate the nod!

I appreciate the small details and I had to stop and stare at the Overworld towns when I noticed something wasn't quite "right". And when I did realize how the Overworld towns reflected the actual maps of each town I was like, "Woah, these are some CUSTOM stuff."

And finally, saying that this game is not just a game, but an experience, that's gotta be the best compliment anyone has given me for this game.

The alchemy, the quests, and the battles carried it so solidly that I was willing to grind to Level 99 on my first playthrough if that meant I can beat all of the optional bosses before I face the final boss.
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