Pokémon Nightfall

how cool to see a pokemon game with zombie apocalypse!

i really liked that the game's protagonist is the female protagonist of pokemon crystal! i only have one question in mind, why her name krista instead of kris?

still, the game is very good!

Ben's First Adventure: Demo Mode/Arena Mode

this project is kind of vague and even for a demo, the story is pretty "empty", i don't see any interaction between the characters and i don't even know what the plot is exactly

it would be nice if there were dialogues

but it leaves me a doubt, this game will only be a simple rpg or will it have some system like dating or socializing with your party members?

anyway, i think you should build the concept better for the game to be more attractive

Ruin Hacker

will it be possible to marry the characters as in fire emblem????

because it would be great if this game had this feature <3

A Farming Game

any possibility of adding male love interests for both protagonists?
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