I haven't made any games yet.
Will I?
I do not know.



Listen - Just a game.

This game reduced me to tears. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!*

*You should be. Not many things do that. It's such a loving story, and the game has such a fun and charming way of telling it.


Ultimate feel good game. Short, sweet, with lovely graphics and memorable characters. You're an inspiration!

Vigiles Lucis

I really hope this is still being worked on, because it's absolutely lovely!

Divinity Fatum

Sad to see this game hasn't updated in a while, but also here to say that it's helped me through a lot, and that this game has been one of the most lovingly made and well crafted I've played in a very long time.

I adore it, and I look forward to any updates- especially those which let me fight the damn boss. ;)

And as it says on the ground at the very start of this adventure:

I love you.

Pocket Mirror

For some reason I thought I'd left a message back when this was still in its demo stage, but I guess I didn't. Back then, I thought it was a quirky and cute game, but I sort of forgot about it after that because although the art was spectacular, the demo itself didn't stick out too much at the time.
When I saw the full version was out, I smiled and gave it a shot.

And I have not stopped singing its praises ever since.

My god, so much love went into this game! The graphics, the story, the sequences, everything. It's all crafted in such an original and caring way. The team obviously did their best in every respect and managed to produce a long game with replay value, which I think is fantastic, especially for RPGmaker!
One of the things I loved the most, aside from the artistic+cinematographic direction, was the fact that clicking around and inspecting objects is beneficial to the player. Finally!! A game for me!!

And thank you so much for dealing with mental illness in a way that was realistic and not "ooh scary psycho!!1 xx333" It means a lot. <3

I'm seriously so in awe at just how beautiful the game itself is. I keep telling everyone to play it, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Thank you so much for making it!

Reap and Sow

Wonderful game as always! Just one worry... my carrots are stunted in growth, apparently! That, and I don't know where to get my compost from... or what to do with the fish... I'm a mess.
I do adore it though! Your games are my favorite.
EDIT: I remembered the guy who buys fish... and now I don't know where to sell my boars.

Infinity Expanse

It reminds me of Homestuck in a few ways- which is a compliment, by the way! Very enjoyable, lovely graphics.

Stray Cat Crossing

The game itself is wonderful, both in graphics and gameplay (it's nice to not get stuck for ten minutes at puzzles for once!). One thing I would say is that it lacks proper buildup. I know it's just a demo, but the few intro sentences aren't really enough to make us feel like starting the game in the room is natural. Perhaps a little cutscene showing her chasing the cat would make it flow a little better?

Speaking of cutscenes, the film sequence was amazing!

Nightmare of The Snow 雪の悪夢

The chase scene was my only issue since it was pretty tough, but the game seems pretty good! I haven't played it in a long while, maybe it's been fixed since...
Still, rather enjoyable nonetheless!

The Longing Ribbon

I'll do that, yeah. Sorry if I came off as a rude jerk I didn't mean to I was just really frustrated with the whole thing omg
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