Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

A system by which an existing item is improved on by using/synthesizing another item? Maybe. All I can think of at the moment is somehow accessing $data_items, $data_weapons, or $data_armor (depending on what's being synthesized/improved), and figure out what's already in the "features" property. At some point, there would probably be a case-branch based on what's being synthesized, and add that property? Of course, what to insert for the "features" property is a weird thing to figure out onto itself.

Even if the synth-part works, the data might not be savible. That... might have it's own workaround? Not 100% sure. Even then, there would still be the small point that all copies of said item in the game would have the new stats/features. I wouldn't know where to begin for that workaround!

Yes, as you initially said what I meant is similar to a syntesizing system, though I was thinking of something simpler (instead of random bonuses, you have specific items to use and specific boosts in a smaller pool.)

Still...So not really a sure way to make it, I see. Sorry if I am being stubborn on this, it's mostly because I found out unlike RM2K3 where there item editing is much more fixed (and changing items outside the database is not possible),in VX Ace you instead assign properties to items on the feature list. So I thought there was a way to edit that outside the database somehow, I checked that it wasn't possible with events, but thought about scripts might do the trick. Then again I know nothing about scripting so I can't really draw a line when I am overestimating it and when I am unaware of possibilities because I don't know about it. Still, thanks for the help.

Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

Maybe this script could help you with the whole items affecting equipment idea. It allows special items to affect your characters equipment in slots (I think like materia from ff7, but Im not sure).

I appreciate the help, but it's not quite what I meant. That system is for upgrading the characters themselves, while what I meant was if it was possible to make a system to upgrade equipment existing in the database directly by changing their parameters. I could come with my own system for upgrading characters, though, (my take on the Djinns) but the script you're linking is certainly more polished and detailed, so it's a good source for improvements. Once again, thanks!

I prefer VX Ace myself but you could try them all out or watch videos of them all and see what you like best.

Yeah, seems to be the best way to go. As well as try games directly to see finished work to check out what can be accomplished. Right now I'm checking out VX Ace. The core is more or less the same as older makers but it has gotten a lot of shortcuts and newer options that polish the whole experience. Wish hadn't wasted my MV trial to check that one out seriously >_>.

Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

2003 and VX Ace are generally the most-used. If you want to expand your audience beyond Windows, you'll probably want to use MV.

Oh yeah, I remember that among the features MV had you could take the games to other platforms such as mobile phones or something like that.

Though, I think it'll be alright in just windows, not wanting to get too carried away with stuff or anything.

So far I am between keep going in 2003 or start with VX Ace. Though... what advantages does MV has outside the multi platform deal?

EDIT: A couple of questions regarding VX Ace. By default it doesn't include a side view battle system, right? Said system has to be added in a custom battle system? Is it possible to create a system that allow you to improve equipment? Kinda like in Star Ocean where you had your gear and could use items so it would get extra buffs and properties. Once again thanks in advance.

Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

Thank you, guys for the answers.

I'm pretty sure they all have trials of some kind so you could check those out and mess around with them to see which one you like best.

I know, however I didn't bring it up mostly because I had already used the trials for MV and VX before I actually started working seriously on a project (yeah, I kind of wasted them X( ). However, hadn't tried VX Ace so still this was a good reminder, thanks!

RpgMaker VX Ace is always a good choice. Lots of support, resources, scripts and an audience.

It's also not so different than 2k3 (save a few things) and does a lot more things easily than eventing it.

I am taking a look at it right now, seems great, mostly like RM2K3 but with a lot more stuff to work with (it has Mg. Atk, Mg. Def and Luck, that's beautiful). I am guessing that it doesn't include side view battles like RM2K3 or the option to use them like MV but you can script them? Still, this seems the way to go.

Just to make sure of one last thing. I mean, I could be mistaken about it, but it was a concern when I was working with RM2K3: VX Ace has its audience right? From what I know it does, as you say as well, but... I mean, as I said before, not expecting this project to be popular or anything but still I'm going to be putting a lot of time and effort on this, so I want to make sure some people will at least try it out. I've seen RM2K3 games usually get dismissed because they were made in such old maker, except if they were made back in the day of course. Then again I could have gotten the wrong impression, so let me know if I am actually mistaken. In that regard how's MV?

Once again, thanks in advance.

Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

If this is the wrong section to post this question, by all means feel free to move it to the proper one, sorry for the bother in that regard.

Now then, thing is I was trying to make a Golden Sun fan game, trying to follow the style of the GBA games. So far I've been trying to go with RPG Maker 2003 and managed to make several things work out (does help that many aspects are similar between the games and the Maker, though): Djinn attaching use and storing; summons; weapon unleashes; field psyenergy and puzzles for the most part (though these need lot of polishing though).

I could make classes work in a custom way for the most part, in that characters gain and lose abilities and it changes based on Djinns, however it couldn't get to work the base stat multipliers (which work with percentages)properly, mainly with keeping track with boosts from level ups and items. IIRC the classes apply to base stats after increases. So if a character has 100 HP, then goes into a class that rises HP to 150% then, he'll have 150 HP. Simple enough, but if he levels up and gains another 10 HP, then his new 110 base will get the class boost and go to 165. I couldn't reliably keep track of that.

The other issue I had is I couldn't find a way to implement elemental attack and resistance. I know attributes could help, but the jump in their grades is a bit abrupt, not to mention that, as far as I know, it can't be changed with events and can only go up and down one "letter" with equipment and once again with a battle ability. GS has several element affinity affecting elements such as equipment and the djinn themselves.

The last isn't so much of an issue but a detail I wanted to tweak. Namely,a Magic Attack stat to give Mage Classes an edge with offensive Psyenergy and a Luck stat. I know newer makers do have those, so I've been considering that.

I guess a custom battle system could work out most of those issues, buuut trying to make one is getting way ahead of myself and what I can do.

Sooo, I was wondering if I should stick to 2003 or try to move to newer makers. I use RM2K3 mostly out of familiarity and a bit of nostalgia. And well, I have no idea how to script, but from what I know the newer makers do have more "traditional" options like switches and variables to work with, so I can try to simply learn to use them. The last issue is what makers do have an audience. I mean, I don't plan on this game to be popular or anything, but I've seen they are dismissed as too old and older games get a pass on it due to having been made back in the day (I could be mistaken on this one, though.)

I wanted to ask what you guys think. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

[RM2K3] Can't run games for some reason

Uh... Right. Windows 8.

[RM2K3] Can't run games for some reason

It's also happening with RM2K though. Well, I can run the games in test play and anything, but when I do it doesn't recognize key inputs; in the title screen I can't move the cursor to choose Start, Load or Leave and the game after a bit begins on its own in Start. While in the map the character doesn't move when I press the keys or anything, nor I can access to the menu. At moments it moves un step down, but that's it. It must be an issue on my computer given it started happening with older makers as well. But I genuinely have no idea what's up. It suddenly started happening yesterday.

EDIT: For some reason I can access the menu just fine. But nothing else works.

[RM2K3] Is there a way to display the name of a variable in the messages?

Heya, thanks for all the answers. I was trying to make a "Reequip" battle command and gice choices based on variables assigned to equipment. I had an idea of what to do with Variables if I could use their names.

But yeah, it really seems to be more trouble than it's worth, especially since it would be to trying to pull a rather minor thing. So I guess I'll try a different way with events.

Thanks for all the help.

Silly question but... what's string variable btw?

[RM2K3] Is there a way to display the name of a variable in the messages?

I mean, using a code in the "Show text" event command to display a Variable's name in a similar way you can display its number with \v.

[RM2K3] Steam version or Tsukuru?


I was talking about a possible materia system the issues pecentages modifiers have in RPG Maker 2003. I dunno the options VX and owards have, I wouldn't be surprised if you can alter it with precision, but in 2003 you need to use variables and work around with events. While memorizing the status, getting the percentage and adding or substracting it is not that hard with variables, the issue comes when you character levels up (how does that extra x% adds on), when you change equipment (how does the x% track the changes), when you add or remove the materias and so on.

I mean, I didn't use a materia system in my game, but I did try to have a class system similar to Golden Sun where the class boosts base stats by x%. While getting the base boost was easy enough, the levelling up bonuses and changing to other classes made the status tracking impossible without falling appart due to how hard it was too keep adding that x% to any change, be it equipment or other bonuses, so I tried something else. Though I could make the skill learning and AP system without much trouble, but it was quite a bit of work.

When it comes to scripting, I literally have no clue whatsoever of doing absolutely anything. I have found out that it isn't uncommon for users to simply take sample or public scripts and modify them, but I can't even manage that XD, I wasn't talking about only making your own scripts. Then again, perhaps it isn't that terrible to actually try to learn.

I didn't know you could change Graphics in VX Ace. Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep it in mind. And I do appreciate your offer, but I am not using VX Ace. To be honest, I am a bit torn whether continuing using 2003 or changing to something newer.

@JohnLeagsDurg: I really wish I could help you, but custom menus are the sole thing I still have no idea how to do.

On another thing, are we sure no plugins work for the steam version? I only tried one: RMCheker to change the in game icons in menus and it worked fine. Though it may be an exception.
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