Need advice for choosing an RPG maker

If this is the wrong section to post this question, by all means feel free to move it to the proper one, sorry for the bother in that regard.

Now then, thing is I was trying to make a Golden Sun fan game, trying to follow the style of the GBA games. So far I've been trying to go with RPG Maker 2003 and managed to make several things work out (does help that many aspects are similar between the games and the Maker, though): Djinn attaching use and storing; summons; weapon unleashes; field psyenergy and puzzles for the most part (though these need lot of polishing though).

I could make classes work in a custom way for the most part, in that characters gain and lose abilities and it changes based on Djinns, however it couldn't get to work the base stat multipliers (which work with percentages)properly, mainly with keeping track with boosts from level ups and items. IIRC the classes apply to base stats after increases. So if a character has 100 HP, then goes into a class that rises HP to 150% then, he'll have 150 HP. Simple enough, but if he levels up and gains another 10 HP, then his new 110 base will get the class boost and go to 165. I couldn't reliably keep track of that.

The other issue I had is I couldn't find a way to implement elemental attack and resistance. I know attributes could help, but the jump in their grades is a bit abrupt, not to mention that, as far as I know, it can't be changed with events and can only go up and down one "letter" with equipment and once again with a battle ability. GS has several element affinity affecting elements such as equipment and the djinn themselves.

The last isn't so much of an issue but a detail I wanted to tweak. Namely,a Magic Attack stat to give Mage Classes an edge with offensive Psyenergy and a Luck stat. I know newer makers do have those, so I've been considering that.

I guess a custom battle system could work out most of those issues, buuut trying to make one is getting way ahead of myself and what I can do.

Sooo, I was wondering if I should stick to 2003 or try to move to newer makers. I use RM2K3 mostly out of familiarity and a bit of nostalgia. And well, I have no idea how to script, but from what I know the newer makers do have more "traditional" options like switches and variables to work with, so I can try to simply learn to use them. The last issue is what makers do have an audience. I mean, I don't plan on this game to be popular or anything, but I've seen they are dismissed as too old and older games get a pass on it due to having been made back in the day (I could be mistaken on this one, though.)

I wanted to ask what you guys think. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

[RM2K3] Can't run games for some reason

It's also happening with RM2K though. Well, I can run the games in test play and anything, but when I do it doesn't recognize key inputs; in the title screen I can't move the cursor to choose Start, Load or Leave and the game after a bit begins on its own in Start. While in the map the character doesn't move when I press the keys or anything, nor I can access to the menu. At moments it moves un step down, but that's it. It must be an issue on my computer given it started happening with older makers as well. But I genuinely have no idea what's up. It suddenly started happening yesterday.

EDIT: For some reason I can access the menu just fine. But nothing else works.

[RM2K3] Is there a way to display the name of a variable in the messages?

I mean, using a code in the "Show text" event command to display a Variable's name in a similar way you can display its number with \v.

[RM2K3] Making a Double Item and Dual Cast battle commands?

I've been trying to do so with the "Action Times +" event command in the battles. However it doesn't work out. What I am trying to do is to have special commands that allow you to use two items or cast two spells. What I tried was to have a battle event that was activated when the "2x Item" or "Dualcast" commands were used (both are switch commands), however all that happens is that the character loses her turn. I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong. So, is it possible to make a way to use two items or two spells in a single turn via battle events or other way?

EDIT: With more experimenting I could get that a command that activates an action time + will have effect the next turn of the character. Attack and Magic work fine, but items don't seem to be useable in succession, even with the event.

Thanks in advance,

[RM2K3] Need help with a step counting common event.

Well, more precisely, I have a bonus effect in one of the game classes that restores HP as the character walks, like 2 HP per step for example. I guess I need to use Key Processing (or Input Password as it's called in RPG Maker 2000) to do so... thing is that I can't figure out how to do it. I know how to handle variables and switches no prob, but this particular thing has been an issue. Gotta need to learn how to do it to work later on the custom menu.

Thanks in advance!

For game creators here: How did you get your start on how are you now?

Talking about any engine to make games or simply if you are doing one from a scratch, I mean. Also could be if you part of a team with an specific job, of course. Just curious about other users here, if they want to share their story of course. How did you begin with game making and how were the old times and how have things changed up to the present? Any ideas for the future or projects? Has there been a game in the community that inspired you or just loved? If you have made games what would you call your favorite and your worst?

[RM2K3] Having an issue splitting the skill types for battle

For story related porpuses I wanted to make a character being able to use Darkness, Wind and Water skills and other with Light, Fire and Earth spells. I know I can easily do that with specific skill types of the battle screen section. But there's an issue, I have several Switch spells which seem to automatically go to the "Skill" (regular) section, so if I try to make specific sets the Switch spells don't appear.

Well, I may be missing something. But is there a way to put some switch spells on a skill set and then others in the other?

Thanks in advance.

[RM2K3] Making an "Item Throw" command?

Well, I did look around for a tutorial on making the Item Throw command, but no luck. Perhaps you can't do it with RM2K3 like it works in FF (as in it opens a new menu with the throwable items). But is there a way to make some sort of "substitute" kinda like make a sub even where you set throwable weapons?

Essentially the command would allow you to hurt the enemy at the cost of 1 weapon on your inventory.

Thanks in advance

[RM2K3] Is it possible to edit weapons, armors and such with events?

What I mean is, for example, you have a sword with +30 Atk and in-game via... I dunno forging that same sword also gives +10 Def or Fire Attack Atribute. I know there isn't an option to edit the same item outside changing it in the database or making several items with the same name but different properties. But is there a way to do so with events, variables and such?

[RM2K3] Having a bit of a "writer's block" regarding Battle Commands

Well, the thing is that I want to make special commands for my characters. I have no problems with variables and switches and I can manage with tutorials and such. My issue is... I actually can't think of any ideas regarding special commands.

I have two obvious choices done: Steal and Scan. But I kind of backed myself in a corner; the most common option would be to make different sort of skill sets, such as black magic, white magic, blue magic or battle commands. However I use several switch based support spells which I can't put in a specific category (If I am mistaken here please let me know) so different kinds of magic wouldn't really work on separate menus.

Also I want to avoid simple attack or heal commands that may become overshadowed by magic or may overshadow magic or items, I was thinking of something that may be useful regardless of the stage of the game.

At first I thought I should just drop the idea and turn Scan and Steal into spells, but... eh, I didn't lose anything asking for a bit of advice.

A couple of details: I only have two characters in the game, both can learn the same magic form an AP based system, including physical attack spells, both can access to the same commands and all. My idea was to make the things so you can pretty much customize however you want characters, to an extent. The special commands would be "equippable" to the commands, you chose from a menu what special command you will carry in battle.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I could come with a few ideas now:

-Provoke: This turn all enemies target the user (doesn't work on a couple of bosses)
-Lucky: Raises chances of getting item drops after battle.
-Double cast: Self explanatory, but only useable at intervals for balance.
-Double Item: Same as double cast but with items.
-Flee: Always escape from fight, of course doesn't work on bosses.
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