A Thief's Voyage

Потрясающая игра! Красочные персонажи, юмор, сюжет! И это всё дополняется интересной системой прокачки персонажа, экипировкой и навыками! Всё просто супер, НО! На карте мира очень часто выбрасывает из игры =(

Awesome game! Colorful characters, humor, plot! And all this is complemented by an interesting character leveling system, equipment and skills! Everything is just super, BUT! On the world map, very often throws out of the game = (

Tnx to you!!!
(BTW - nice avatar)

Sorry. Google translate...

Guild Master: Langris

So? Is there is some demo of the game or direct link to buy it?

Umbral Soul

It most certainly is not. Any idea how that happened? Do you have a previous save before that point?

NOpe. But it Happened when Azrielle leave paty on Dark Altar. Just after that I teleported to Castle and invite Marcus. After that I summon Lanith... and instead of her was summoned Azrielle... =( And now i dont know what to do, cos I need to use minions (like Demora for her Nebulos field, or Lanith for charm...)

Umbral Soul

Mmm... Is that normaly that i have in party 4 members and can't summon minions?

Meteo Chronicles

Where is all pictures from "www" folder?
Faild loading and all on it(((

Ah. sorry. I don't read blog post from you. ^_^
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