My name is AppleNinjax, apples, or Applepuff, Formally known as Omegarirue, I'm the owner of Applepuff games, and I'm working on a cool open world RPG.

I've been using RPG maker since the year 2003, and have been hooked since. Tons of experince (Despite never releasing a game). I make music, pixal art (mostly sprites) and love to write.

Currently an Expat teaching in China atm. Hoping to turn the game design into a full design job in the near future.

Feel free to donate to this crappy makeshift game I made, its to help medical cost for a tumour ! :)



[RMMV] Charity rage game!

Make a game page for this kind of thing. When it's accepted you can mark it as commercial (until it isn't, which you can then change) and link it to the download on itchio. But yeah, game pages are for games.

Just felt odd doing it with this game for some reason, but I guess it wouldn't hurt right. Thanks mate

[RMMV] Charity rage game!

Hey guys, hows it going, long time RPG maker addict here.

So this is kind of a two parter. I recently got a tumour, and spent a ton of money on treatment and I still need surgery. The cost are pretty hurting atm, and I still need to shell out a bit for surgery (I'm currently an expat so its extra pricy.)

I hate just asking for money, so I decided to make a quick, 1 day charity game. Its called JubJub Jelly. You are the handsome, super totally great cool guyjelly, who must run from hungry muggins. If you touch the angry grumpgrump walls, you lose. Muggins catches you, you lose.

The game is just a doller a piece, but you can pay any amount, I'm cosidering all purchases just as donations. I'll be throwing the game out for free soon once I figure out how to get it working on mobile. Anyway, thanks for the read,
even if you don't donate, I hope you try out the game once its free!

PS I don't really know how to host a paid game, if anyone knows a better site please throw out a recommendation.


Maybe it's just me, but it gives me a very earthbound vibe. Very pretty though I love it!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

B all the way buddy. Maybe it's just me but in the first one it's wayyy to up in my face. Second one is a beaut!


I find the sprite doesn't really fit with the art style, maybe its just me. But other then that, This is beautiful!


Those are a fine example of GMO carrots gone wrong. Looks really nice though I love the lil dude with the hammer!


Every time I look at the shopkeeper, I see Red from the old Pokemon games, looking like hes on all grown up and on community service for some kind of scandal involving diglets and 5 grams of rare candy.

Looking to hire a scripter for VX Ace

Hey guys, so I'm back again (I imagine nobody remembers me by now lol).I just finished collage, and I decided to get back into RPG maker. As much as I wanted to work on my old game legend of Tiron and get into the age old hobby I've been doing for 11 years now, I decided that I would actually release a commercial game and see if me and a small team could manage a indie game making company. They say RPG maker isn't the best program to sell games with, but I felt like for our starting project it was a nice place to begin since I was so familiar with it.

Anyway, now that i'm done ranting about my nostalgia, we have a solid team atm. Two artist, a composer, a market and me who is writing the game and putting it together. However, the one thing we lack is any sort of scripter to write the codes for us. We are using RPG maker ace, and were looking to pay someone to make a few scripts for us. It won't be to many scripts, but you will get paid. If your interested, PM me I will tell you more there, the project is a bit hush hush atm until we get farther into development. Thanks


Legend of Tiron

When Legend of Tiron Whill be Ready for download?

i would like it to be a long long longggg demo before the summer is up, But atm I have to do an intensive self language study and I'm working full time so I can't get much work done as of now!


Can't explain why, but this is actually pretty boss haha
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