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DEMO RELEASE! (Let's get festive!)

Yeeeeeyyyy!!! The demo is out!!! I will immediately download it and PLAAAY!!! *Really excited*

I have just ended playing it now and I have to say that it was... AWESOME!
The story, the characters (I immediately LOVED Nathan! >u<), the setting... I just loved EVERYTHING! Everything caught my interest! Anyway, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to play the complete version!

Here are more details of what I think of the game... SPOILER ALERT!
The story is very interesting, and it really caught my attention when the mom died... That cutscene with the mom in the storage room... *SIGH* it was really touching. First I thought it could have been my fault, I mean I had chosen the wrong choices, but then I understood that it was actually the storyline... so SAAAD!
Like I said already before, I immediately loved Nathan. He really is a nice character... After the death of his mom, it really touched me the fact that Nathan became so "silent"... Do you know what I mean?
The dialogues were also very well written, I liked the fact that sometimes one character doesn't end saying something because the other one anticipated him/her... it looks very realistic! Besides the dialogues were very nice to read, they weren't neither boring nor too long.
The graphics are also very well made, and I particularly liked how the characters were drawn... Andrea looks so pretty >u<!!!
I have a question though... it may sound really stupid, but I wondered whether those "vegetables" in the village were really vegetables, or they were humans but looked like them only because of their names? (e.g: Ms. Kiwi)... I know it's REALLY a dumb question, but it really interests me... although I don't know why O.O
AAAAAAH! Thank you so much Magik for your response and feedback (it means a lot to us) O(≧▽≦)O

Spoiler warning up ahead!

First of all, don't be ridiculous that isn't a stupid question.
Secondly, well I guess when I was designing the vegetable people I always thought them as anthropomorphic vegetables? I know that sounds weird ^^; but the best way to describe it is if we were to take a disney movie(zootopia in particular) we could see there are animals that exhibit human characteristics. The same for the vegetable people! They are still vegetables but they share common traits with humans (they can walk, talk etc.). They're vegetables but act a lot like humans (so I guess they aren't humans). Same goes for the squirrel bard and the birds in the village. I hope that answers your question :)


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