Big dang dab old update is coming

Surprised that this game is still maintained. :o I'm looking forward to the update. I wonder why this わんダフル game hasn't been featured yet.

Well more accurately I'm updating it after not touching it for two years. Its current state is a very unpolished game, which is why it isn't featured.

First Wyrm Warriors Demo Launch!

Welp time to start a Zero Exp run. I'll leave feedback once I'm done with the demo.

Edit: Played the demo, now here's my comments

-Developer Pyramid is great. Needs more cats methinks.
-Curse Gates look real cool, but they don't quite fit the VX Ace RTP style.
-Default confirm/select stuff sound is ear wrenching.
-Title music doesn't quite fit.
-Kathleen is appropriately pathetic. I love her already.
-Running away is annoyingly random. I'm sure there's a script somewhere to fix that.
-Enemies can still get you when you're opening a chest. That's a little unfair.

Pretty good for a very early demo.

Saved Variables

An inspiration to us all.

Saved Variables

Once this engine is able to make a game you bet your butt I'm doing it.

Music Player

Really awesome!

0.03 Released

Wow, development is going fast! :D

Download Again

Mode Seven

Do events pop up when you place them down?

A little update

Draw Speed

You're doing great so far!