Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

For Paradise Blue, you have an older file here : (2007). I'm unsure it's the midi version, but seeing how there is only one non midi song in the actual download...

Oh wow, I didn't even realize this was a searchable thing! I just took a look and it indeed has the Paradise Blue demo and the fifth Hero's Realm demo!

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Howdy! I'm not really active on this site any more but I've been on the lookout for rare/obscure demos and prototypes for various RPG Maker games so that differences and insight on development can be properly documented.

Currently, demos I've been looking for are:

-Jay's Journey demo (Full game present on RMN.)

The only source for this demo I've seen was present on the developer's defunct geocities site (here), and apparently had gameplay till halfway through the game. The 2002 version of the game and the demo for Jay's Journey 2 can still be downloaded from the angelfire version of the website. (here.)

-Hero's Realm demo(s) (Full game present on RMN.) Fifth demo found!

Hero's Realm had 5 main demos before release, along with a few bugfixing builds, as detailed in this blog post.
The first four demos cover a chapter of the game, and an overhauled version of the first four chapters was present on a few websites for over a year, but the websites I checked on lead to dead links.

-Paradise Blue demo (Full game present on RMN.) (Found!)

A demo for Paradise Blue was present on a few websites, including RMN, nearly two years before release. Like the other games, archives lead to dead links. Download was named 'Paradise blue Midi version'.

If you happen to have any of these prototypes or know where to find them, please post them if you're able!

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Being mean makes me shy.

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Pokemon go review

Well that was a bit of a mess. You didn't describe any of the game mechanics besides the walking around, divulged into what amounts to a tangent against the media and stupid people, and never properly explained YOUR opinion on the game. You know, the point of the review?

5/10 overall, needs some work.

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