Soma Spirits

This was pretty good.

Oblivion Quest

Gave this game a shot. It's pretty good, but for the most part I agree with what Andrew_Anonymous said. Maybe give some DynRPG scripts a shot to fix the ATB problem?

Will Be Right Back...

K I have no idea what I just played. I guess it was a parody on, like, phone games with a lot of ads in them?

Wyrm Warriors

For the main plot the mandatory characters could be the focus of the dialog, while for optional missions the non-mandatory characters could get the spotlight.

The conversation tree of choices is also a good idea.

Wyrm Warriors

Speaking of storyline,how are cutscenes going to work? I mean there's a crap ton of characters, in which most of them are optional, so it's either you code some dialog for each character or have each cutscene focus on a specific set of characters.

Wyrm Warriors

aw yeeeeeee

Final Fantasy VII 2D Remake

Looks fantastic. I hope you come back to this :D

Resident Evil Demake


-Door transition screens should have correctly colored doors. Like going through a brown door should have a brown door transition.

-Why does Jill have a photo face that has been bitcrushed? Sprite something for it!

-The combat needs a tutorial of sorts. I shouldn't need to look up an external readme for it.

-A locked door makes too quiet of a noise. Make it louder.
-Barry follows you weird. Use a follower event for that. There are tutorials on the site.

-When you talk to Barry and get the lockpick, he takes one step, waits, and disappears.

-Why is there a save box if I can just save from the menu?

-There's an event to the left of where the guy pops out of the closet that says something in a foreign language and disappears. Odd.

-Keeper's Diary has some messed up letters.

-The intense battle music plays even if you solve the young to old puzzle correctly.

-If you leave the room after the dog bursts through the window, but don't kill it, it'll be stuck in the window when you return.

-When I exited to the left of the dog window room a couple of times I randomly died. Huh?
After investigating it turns out the dog fixes itself if you exit this way and I died during the door transition.

-Make it so events stop during door transitions.

-Jill is completely invincible if you mash the shoot button. I guess the enemies take constant knockback, which is nice.

-The carpet leading into doors in the purple carpet room cuts off and looks really ugly.

-Bloody bodies have a grey box around them. Ok?

-Gardening tools are the exact shade of brown as the background.

-What do maps do? I pick them up and nothing happens. They're not even in the inventory. This really sucks because it's so hard to remember where you are.

-The textbox windows stays up after you get the shotgun ammo in the broken shotgun room. It stops once you leave though.

-The snake has a ridiculous attack range.

I'm aware it's a demo, so of course it's not perfect. Never played the original, but this was pretty fun.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

You could make Vahn a tragic hero who saw everyone die and turned to the dark to stay alive. So he becomes a recurring villan or something.

Random thought.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

It's an RPG. Just add time travel.