Pom Gets Wifi Speedrun in 15:51.19

It took months of planning and hours of practice.

Just messing with you. I'm surprised people haven't run it as well.

Liberty Plays :Another Day:

Thanks for the Let's Play, Liberty!

Creator Playthrough (Parts 1-3)

How about just adding annontations?

Grumpy Knight "New Game +" Speedrun

Of course, Fomar. Trust me, if I didn't like the game, I wouldn't speedrun it.

Generica Low Level Game

Steal farming. I stole something, saved, and then opened the chest. If it wasn't something decently sellable, I reset. It literally took hours.

Generica Low Level Game

Level 2, if I remember right. It's all about strategy.

Let's Judge - Doggie Dayz (2)

It's there. :o

Ok then, did you install it to the system? You need to manually do that, unfortunately.(I'm not sure how to make it work automatically. :/)
Make sure to back up your VL Gothic font, because it replaces your current one.

Let's Judge - Doggie Dayz (2)

Thanks for the Let's Judge! Most of the stuff you noticed was fixed in the latest version.
(Also, the text cutoff is probably because you didn't install the font in the game folder.....assuming it's there >.>)

Early game videos!

ZOMG! That Mog gps system tutorial is enough to make me want to play this, just to hear that!

5 more days~

Paradise Blue Level One Challenge

Hey, glad to see it's up! I don't think I'd be able to do this, so I'm glad you did it. Gah, bedbug is a pain in my crack.

All it takes it hard work, y'know. Yes, Bedbug is a pain.

Haha, nice! I had forgotten that Demi works against the Guardian. I didn't think it was a tough fight anyway but it does have a fair amount of HP.

Interesting to see the magical items being used too, which is nice.

I was extremely surprised it works, not only on him, but most bosses as well.

Because of the lack of decent spells, the item command is much more important now. I may have to restrict it if i ever get around to doing another challenge.
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