A Wizard's Quest Review

Thanks for the review! I'm pretty aware of this games issues, since it was originally just for a contest. I'll eventually get around to remaking this game, but not anytime soon I don't feel.

I can pretty easily solve the issues you listed though. Expect an update in a couple days or so.

Quick question, would you prefer if I just defaulted to the normal menu and battle systems?

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

Who intentionally tries to make a game unplayable and unpleasing?

The new people at Square Enix.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

Oh gee two reviews at once?

...Anyway, good review.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

For a first game, it's very good in my opinion. There are no notable bugs, the dialog is decently written, and the maps are designed well. Which I can't say to most games that have 0.5 stars in their ratings.

To be fair, this game is overhyped, but it really is a decent game. In fact, it's almost the same as many games that focus on walking around collecting things.

The only real reason people hate on it is because it got extremely popular because of Pewdiepie.

Another Day Review

Thanks for taking the time to write a review! This was my first c# project, so a lot of it was me getting used to coding in it. That's why the buttons stay grayed out until you get an ending.

Yes, the theme is pretty much survival horror.

The Save Text button actually just lets you save what's on the screen into a text file. It doesn't actually save your progress. I meant to make it so the game told you what the passwords were, but I didn't remember to put it in.

I agree that the visuals didn't really fit with the spooky tone. I'm really bad at making things spooky, because if it scares me I don't want to put it in. :/

I also agree that the game is too linear. I meant to make it so the second and third doors had more interesting choices, but I ran out of time.

An ambient loop is a good idea! I'll try adding that.

Another Day Review

Holy moses, somebody liked it! I'm surprised!

You're actually not supposed to know what the characters said. I just thought they'd look cool. If you can translate them, they foreshadow what happens in the doors.

I do realize I didn't say what the passwords were. I'll provide a blog post that lists all the passwords.

I'll consider a speedup option for the text in a future version.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the narrative! I tried really hard to make it interesting.

Ghost House Review

Looks kind of cool.

Generica: The Next Generation Review

Actually, just thinking about it now, it would have been cool if post game you could sail up to the northern continent and visit your old team members

Time for fan mods I guess.

Solar Platypus Review

Nice little review. So that's...hmm, let's see.....1 of the 4 games from the Arcade Hero contest reviewed! (Assuming they all made game pages.)

Doggie Dayz Review

Thanks for the review :D
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