Heores in a half shell

Things you could add:
-Refighting bosses in a special area with their stats increased. (Like Dragon Fantasy:Boss)
-branching from thatbennyguy's ideas, have the metal shard be for a stove, and make the quest amassing ingredients for recipes. (Think Kingdom Hearts synthesis)
-Find a fat dragon and help him lose weight.
-Track down a guy who fell from the sky.
-Discover a hidden passageway to an underground crypt of sorts.

You could also probably add a Hard Mode and a No Level Mode to this, since it's fun to do that. Perhaps New Game + as well?

New update blog

If they're going to be quest NPCs, you should make them less scary.

Wanted: Any Help

All I'm good for is testing ;-;

Although I can't do any advanced sprite making, I can probably do sprite editing of existing sprites.

Higher Difficulty? Insane, Lunatic, etc.

Make it Dark Souls difficulty and I'll be happy.

Blackmoon Prophecy Plus! Patch

The typo everyone missed.

Blackmoon Prophecy Plus! Patch

Can you make it so you can skip the opening text? It runs on a bit long.

I mean if you've played it before a 3 minute intro gets annoying after a while.

Blackmoon Prophecy Plus! Patch

If you make a sequel, I totally want to help develop it.

Hero's Realm is being ripped off by another individual

Talking about rip off... Didn't you rip off sprites and chipsets and than you decided to rename them as if people are dumb? Just saying. Maybe that person inspired by your game just like you got inspired by the games you ripped off! Be a role model.

...what? That made no sense. Being inspired is completely different from completely ripping off a persons creation.

And so what if he used assets from existing games? He created something great with them, not mimic something in order to gain fame! It shouldn't even matter if he does. It's his game.

Progress, Progress, and MORE PROGRESS!

and I'd say super secret project is nearing beta!

I'm excited for this to be done.

Hero's Realm is being ripped off by another individual

If I have any I could sue them if I want.
But I could just sue them for copyright infringement.

You didn't answer the question. Do you have a trademark?

Aw, it doesn't matter. Lets torch the.....torch!