Final push


Resuming Progress and New Demo!

I guess I could try being your mapper? Good to see you working on this again!

Week of Updates: Day 2

...was my comment ignored? :/

Week of Updates: Day 2

Assuming you're making difficulty levels, you could create a Zero EXP Augment that you can activate on later difficulties. (CSCA made a good script for it.)

The Damage Formula Rebalancing Project / Cid Revamped!

Life is getting in the way

That's sad news :(

Is there anything I can do? If you need any help, just let me know.

Energon Axes

Well, you have plenty of people around that do have it. Like I keep saying, if you need any help, let me know.

Looks cool so far. I think going the Hellion route will be best in the long run.

An "Adventurer's Edition" Draws Near! Command?

I would balance out agility a bit. Especially those Hoppers at the very beginning.

Edit: Oh, and maybe try some DynRPG plugins? Like the Clock plugin, for example?

List of Changes (To be included in the "Adventurer's Edition")

Ahahahaha. I don't know about a zero-experience run, but a low-level play-through shouldn't be TOO bad. You did somehow manage with the original Dragon Fantasy, after all. =P

You mean the LLG I did about a year ago? Man, that was a gigantic luckfest :(. Especially Guardian and Giruvegan.

As for a LLG of Heroes, I'm pretty certain it's possible, but Vlad will require leveling Falcon for his abilities. (The first video of it is on my youtube channel, by the way.)

Maybe if you make a zero experience edition, you start with double MP and have all your abilities?

List of Changes (To be included in the "Adventurer's Edition")

Challenge accepted