RMN Gamma World RPG

rolled a 10.

"I'll try poisoning them with some sludge preemptively."

RMN Confessions

I tend to be inactive and don't use Rpg Maker that much anymore.

RMN Gamma World RPG

guess I'll find a crowbar or something to help out Phase.

What are you thinking about right now?

Random question of the... every now and thenIs that quilt malarky calendar thing still going on?

I guess it got really old after a while. That's why we usually only do it once every December, y'know.

RMN Gamma World RPG

"Yeah, I could probably pose as an art collector. All my searching has let me seen a lot of neat stuff. Why, one time I found some hieroglyphics depicting some long necked spotted creatures. There were called Gyrafts or something."

I turn to Shadow.

"Shadow, don't be so weird. I'm asexual. I'm not interested in anyone at all."

I then turn back to Phase.

"The bodyguard plan is as good as any. I should probably be the only one to talk. I mean, how many bodyguards talk for the person they are hired to, you know?"

[Poll] Best Pokemon?

Charizard yo

RMN Gamma World RPG

Eh, this lady could be cool. Disney is a neat movie franchise.

RMN Gamma World RPG

Don't forget to grab any floating coins if you see any.

RMN Gamma World RPG

Eh, might as well kill the lady. If she's a total jerk then she deserves it.

RMN Gamma World RPG

This Scrui guy doesn't really like the people he's with, so it's unlikely he'll help them if we end up getting into a fight.