Lisa "The First" Review

Earthbound looked freaking terrible back in 1995, and time has not done it any favors.

Only part I don't agree with >:(

Air RPG Review

Woah, people that LIKE 13 as well?

This review is very highly informative! You certainly took your time writing it.

Wither Review

leave britney ALONE!!!!!

Good point.

Paradise Blue Review

Sounds like a short but useful review! I do agree with you actually, I think I could have done a better job of tying up the plot points and expanding on the characters a bit for the ending instead of how I did it. I half wanted to make an expansion or sequel to PB just to fix up those issues but my projects have me a bit busy lately. Still something I do want to keep in mind.

Either way, I'm glad you had fun with it! I will take this into account and thanks again for the review! :D

When you have free time, PLEASE make a sequel. I would love to help too!

Vindication Review

Oh come on, one star? Give AT THE MINIMUM 3.

Paradise Blue Review

Personally, i prefer 2 summoners, a time mage, and some warrior guy thats fast.

Cavern of Doom Review

i love google translate...
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