and I'm back

Been over a year, how funny. But yeah, I'm (relatively speaking) back in action.

So having finished my current game, what do I do next? Anyone have any ideas?

Write a story.

Started training at a Taco Bell.

So yeah, first job woo

Wait... did I hear that right? Is Ao Oni getting a MOVIE?!

I was hoping they'd make the Oni look more like the one in the game. Is the movie even based on the game?

Probably just based on the mythos.

Oh, Conker…what have they done to you?

So, a 10,000 prize for a contest. Guess its time to bring back something I gave up on.

What time is it...?

you're welcome

got a new computer

Picturing how would be an RMN Convention in real life...

Sounds like a hoot. If a physical meetup is too hard to do because of distance you could always just make a video skype call and invite everyone you want to talk to.

Just make sure you have a schedule and topics to talk about so it doesn't turn into a cacophony of shouts or just live stream the conversation and invite only the people that are going to be asked questions.


A little child just threatened to kill me...

kids these days.