Making a prequel is weird

Like you have to not only answer questions and use locations from the original game, but you also need to add some new areas and stuff.

I have been prayin to Aremen, but I fear the god does not listen.

He's busy game making.

Hey if I embarked on a quest to remake Hero's Realm as a commercial endevor would you guys support me or hate me?

If you did this I would love you forever. Forever is a long time.

RMN Etiquette: if someone reviews your game, please drop a comment. Thank you.

There are people who don't do that? :O

One thing being a Scaffolder has taught me is that you can never stop people from complaining about nothing.

like what?

ATTENTION:Everybody I will be working on my game, here are the irrelevant aspects of this game that I'm working on that you don't care about: blah blah blah please get excited this is a super long status update but it contains no content thank you, eh?

Troll level: expert

Ladies and Gentalmen Boys and Girls New Super Flash Mario Bros. is almost done it is not done yet until it almost gonna finish make all worlds.

Um great? Can't you make a blog post on this though?

I just beat EVO Search for Eden. On an emulator. On my phone.

Pro skillz

How NOT to explain a plot that already many people don't understand:

Well they needed to rush to all the important events, so of course it's not going to be coherent.

Except 13-2. They put its story together perfectly. 'Oh Serah has skimpy clothes now look there's a stranger let's follow him bye snow see you when im dead oh hi lightning bye oh caius is dead boo hoo now serah is dead now chaos is roaming around the end'.

How NOT to explain a plot that already many people don't understand:

I was literally just about to post this!

Someone rip those sprites @-@

(and dear god the Caius part is hilarious)