the music in the resource section is amazing. Time to replace all my crappy music with that.


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
I just rediscovered that section because of this Status post and found the exact type of soundtrack I had been looking for. Thank you, Arandomgamemaker!
Guardian of the Description Thread
This status makes me wonder if the RMN Music Pack should have a link in the resources section, rather than under the STORE sub-menu?

*Edit: Never mind! It does have a link in the resources section! Listed under "uncategorized", but it's there!
- We have a resource section!?!?!?

*goes to check*

...Huh, I guess we do. Well I’ll be damned!
Oh, submitting music actually works now? I guess I should do something with that crap I have laying around my locker then, hm?
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