[Poll] Is bread awesome?

Simple question that needs answering once and for all.

RMN Christmas Pixel Quilt 2013

It's that time of year again. The time to sit back, relax, and create quilts!


Rules are simple. Add onto the picture 'quilt' by pixelling on one of the panels. If we run out of room, just expand the canvas size! Just make sure it fits the quilt dimensions.

  • You can choose any square that you want, as long as it is not taken by another person.
  • Try to make the borders of your square match the borders of the squares surrounding them.
  • Put whatever you want in your square! Just keep it appropriate.

Note- It's for fun, so feel free to try it out even if you don't think you are a good at pixel art!

There is no real deadline, but let's try to finish this before the 25th.

Previous Quilts:

Current Quilt:

Save your additions as a PNG file.

A1 - Archeia_Nessiah (Done)
A2 - Jeroen_Sol (Done)
A3 - Gourd_Clae (Done)
A4 - Irili (Done)
A5 - SnowOwl (Done)

B1 - Caz (Done)
B2 - alterego (Done)
B3 - MikiMoon (Done)
B4 - Allen Hunter (Done)
B5 - kentona (Done)

C1 - Sooz (Done)
C2 - JosephSeraph (Done)
C4 - iddalai (D0ne)
C5 - StarSkipp (Done)

D1 - Dudesoft (Done)
D2 - seiromen (Done)
D3 - MrChearlie(Done)
D4 - PepsiOtaku (Done)
D5 - modernglory (Done)

E1 - kory_toombs (Done)
E2 - Backwards_Cowboy (Done)
E3 - arandomgamemaker (Done)
E4 - Someoneman (Done)
E5 - MajoracanKing (Done)

Post a useless quote!

Title says it all. Post a quote that is completely useless.

HOWEVER, the first half of your quote must be related to the second half of the previous person's quote.

Let's start with:

"The only good baby is a tuna fish sandwich"

Let's Speedrun/Challenge!

Welcome to Let's Speedrun/Challenge! This where you can post speedruns/challenge runs that you're working on.

Once you finish something, PM me so I can add you to the list.
(Preferably, PM a link to a playlist.)

None yet!

Challenge Runs:

[Poll] Death Note - was Light Yagami right?

I've recently finished the Death Note series, and it really made me wonder if Light Yagami was right in trying to create a perfect world. Was he just a crazy mass murderer, or was he really rightious?

So, here's a random poll for you guys.

SMBX - A beginner's question.

Yes, well, I've just started with this program. So far, I've understood basically everything.

However, I've been having a huge problem just ending a level. I seriously have no idea how to make one end.

For example, I've set a level to end when Mario obtains a SMB3 Star-thing. However, when it actually cuts to the world map screen, he is invisible, off the map to somewhere.

(Essentially, I'm having trouble ending a level in any way possible, be it offscreen, a simple warp, etc.)

Does anybody know exactly what I'm doing wrong? I would really appreciate it!

Hero's Realm Speedrun (May contain spoilers.)

Yes, i'm trying this. Mostly, i will just post my notes about individual segments. Feel free to ask questions, comment, or try it yourself!

Segment 1
Beginning to before traveling to Helminsk
-Skip the introduction
(Soldier talk)
-Name Holdana "H", by pressing back 3 times. This saves a small amount of time every time Holdana's name is displayed, as it takes time to display every character.

-Head to Stromholm.

-Upon entering the castle, get the Life Nut, 120 Gold, Knife, and Warp Wing.
(King's talk)

-Head to the barracks.
-Get a Harlequin, Engineer, and Black Mage. (Don't bother with names.)
-Get the Tarot Card from the cabinet. second from the left.
*Use it. If you don't learn Talon, reset. (1/18 chance.)
-Head right, and get the Fireball Scroll, Tiny Medal (1), and Stamina Seed.
-Leave the Barracks.

-Head to the Item Shop.
-Sell the two seeds, for a total of 200 gold.
*Buy 15 Medicinal Herbs. (320 - 150 = 170)

*Leave Stromhill

-Save outside Stromhill.

Segment times:
1st try: 8:00.680 (Old)
2nd try: 7:50.140 (Old)
3rd try: 3:01.872 (New)
FINAL try: 2:45.732

Total save time saved compared to original time: 5:14.948

Your favorite food, sir?

Yup, i'm interested to know your favorite food(s)! Let it be Lean Cuisine, or a secret family recipe, post it here!

My favorite: Mashed Potatoes.

Rpg maker 2000 to 2k3 porting issue.

You know the feature that allows you to port 2000 games to 2003? Well, I tried it for the first time today.

Is it normal for battles to basically stop working? Because, whenever a battle initiates, the game locks up saying it reference a non-existing battle animation. (it does this at max animations)

Is there any way to fix this?

Your first profile image!

It's simple, post a picture of your first ever profile image here! (Even if you have to scavenge for it online.) You can also explain why you chose it, if you want.

Here's mine, for an example:

Well, i <3 Vanille, that's why i chose it. She is just so easy to love. (She is tied with sazh on this subject.)

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