A "Cover" ability?

Yes....well....i was wondering, is it possible to do a Cover ability, like in the SNES era of Final Fantasy.

You know....

"RANDOM HERO selects Cover."
"Enemy attacks"
"RANDOM HERO takes damage for ally"

Would this be possible to do in 2K3? Because i am clueless when it comes to re-allocating enemy attacks.

[Sprite Request] I need some assistance transfering 2K/2K3 sprites into XP sprites.

Um, yes, i have been having trouble using Paint to resize the 2K/2K3 character sets so that they are proportional to the XP RTP'S height.

Let me give you some examples. Here is a picture that shows a 2K RTP sprite in XP without any size proportions:

As you can see, his sprite is much too small if he is just imported.

So, i tried resizing the character image in paint, but Paint suffers from the horrendous problem of "guessing" how it should look, so it looks like crap.

So, to the point, i was wondering if somebody could:

A) Provide instructions for properly resizing the sprites. (I really am clueless about this.)
B) Show me to a program that will automatically resize the sprites. (The ones i found either did not work or were taken down.)
C) Possibly resize the sprites for me. (I'm not ASKING you to do this, but if you would like to, go ahead. I can resize them on my own, so this is not neccisary at all.)

I would greatly appreciate any help you guys are willing to give.

I have no idea if the last topic i tried to post went through...but...

My father had a seizure. He's ok, but its just that...he lied. He lied about stopping drinking. He tried to stop, which caused the relapse. It scares me to think about what could have happened.

My father had a seizure

I knew he was lying to me. He relapsed from not drinking for a few days. Hes ok right now, but..why did he lie to everyone?

Rpg maker challenge topic

If you are like me, you find replaying an rpg maker game boring. So, I decided to create a challenge topic. Basically, play your way through the game, under specific restrictions, and post your progress on it. For example, I beat Paradise Blue with all characters at lv. 1 simply by avoiding encounters. Post any ideas you have for a challenge!

Potential Games for challenges (list prone to change.):
Alter A.I.L.A
Bob's Big Adventure
Chrono Alter
Demon Legacy
Dhux's Star
Dragon Fantasy
Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura
Dragon Fantasy II
Final Fantasy Dreams
Hero's Realm
Jay's Journey
Paradise Blue
Phantasia 3
Retro Quest
The Blue Contestant
The Hole
The Tiamat Sacrament
Weird Dreams

Completed Game Challenges:
Paradise Blue Level One Game - arandomgamemaker
Generica Low Level Game - arandomgamemaker
Dragon Fantasy Low Level Game - arandomgamemaker

Final Fantasy XIII-2.....

Anybody excited about it?

I'm thinking of making my own game.....

....but i need help on something.

1. I found these fan-recolored Final Fantasy Legend tilesets online. I am thinking of using them online. I want to add my own custom chips to it, but whenever i try it with Paint, it screws up the colors in it. Does anyone know an alternate program i can use that won't mess up the colors? I would really appreciate it.
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