I'm new to making RPGs and just games in general. I've always had a love for them, so I'll have to start somewhere you know? No we are not gone, we were disabled from commenting on our own threads. We are not mad about the feedback, we're mad because you talk shit like we know nothing and want to do nothing, we have started the game we have basic knowledge of what to do with making a game. We are however annoyed that you let other people go through using the basic VX Ace character models as well as the basic tile sets and it's perfectly fine for them to do so but not us.
So please keep thinking you are going to stop us from doing what we intend on doing. We will not be silenced by you. Talk your shit you're only making us famous.


Button Common Events

SO I'm trying to figure out how to make a common even to have a dialogue come up and I want it to look similar to those in Mad Father but I'm not sure what scripts I'd need to input in order to have the image be on the screen but not have the simple face in the chat dialogue.

[RMVX ACE] Does anyone know how to change the text/character portrait look?

I have character portraits but I don't know how to add them properly. (kind of in the style of how Mad Father had the character portraits/text combination.) I am confused on how to do this and if you know could you please teach me?

Phase One Complete

Program: RPG Maker VX Ace
Game: The Legend of the YouTube: Fans Awakening
Subject: Let's Have Some Fun!!!

YOUTUBE FANS!!! A team of 4 are creating a RPG from scratch with all original characters and music. We need people who are familiar with popular YouTubers to create monster sprites, character/villain portraits, and game animation scripts to shorten the distance of the games completion. All content must be RPG Maker compatible, and participants are welcome to join us in our Skype sessions. We work well together and are pretty good associates.

Current Team Members:
- ArcadeHeavenGaming or Brandon Develops the game and works with some scripts

-Kami The WolfBoy OR Kami - Dialogue Writer and concept manager.

-Vincent OR Vinny - Writes the story of the game

- Amanda - Oversees production

Story: A group of young adults act as beta testers for a company that is a subsidiary for the creators of the Oculus Rift. The product they are testing is a Virtual Reality prototype, made to be capable of fully immersing the player in a virtual realm by harmonizing with the players' brainwaves and sending harmless shocks to their pain receptors upon the players character taking damage. To further the immersion process, the device implants false memories related to the game while maintaining a copy of the original thoughts and emotions as to prevent memory loss after upon disconnect. Unluckily for the testers, one of the two technologically savvy men responsible for monitoring their status, doesn't take their job seriously enough. In the game, there are characters from the Zelda Franchise that have been fused with popular YouTubers: (Link-iplier - Link & Markiplier). There will be a mixture of original, fan created, and Zelda monsters & NPC's. There entire purpose of this project is to bring together different fan bases to create an audience for the people working on the game.

We Need: People who are talented with creating character portraits base off of pictures of real people and custom requests. (all welcome, preferably EST -Eastern Standard Time). We will require portraits made of some monsters, each Player, Boss, and NPC as to make the references to both the original character and the YouTuber more apparent.

People familiar with sprite creation within different size parameters. Along with monster sprites, we will also need sprites of NPC's. We are also searching for people who can help better animate the character sprites (to depict death, injury, picking up items, equipping and using items, etc.)

We are also looking for those familiar with creating and using scripts to help and better customize the HUD, UI, and Menu as well as the Title Screen.

Will work for you for free VX Ace sprite recolor and more clothing variety only!

I can make XP sprites and VX Ace sprites If you don't like the ones from RPG Maker VX Ace and want more clothing options/hair color combinations who wants to take the time to use photoshop or other programs to recolor characters and faces? I can also do different character portraits than the ones it gives you when creating a character let me know. I'll post some examples.

better view of the image below

same character as above

Sprite designer needed.

I have sprites made already though I do not prefer the small chibi style. Would someone be able to make a mack version of the sprite I have, if possible. I'm open for discussion as to whatever I can do in return for you. example of what I want here

The sprite I have currently.

How can I make my game save and be playable to others?

I am using RPG Maker VX Ace, and I am having a really hard time trying to figure this out.


Program: RPG Maker VX Ace
Game: The Asylum
Main Character: male named Bryce Morningstar
Summary of events so far: Bryce is living a "normal life" and is having a party for his birthday soon. His friend and roommate has not returned after going shopping the day before.

Before the party Bryce can find a doll that will help him later (required for the best possible ending.) However if he does not find it he will get a bad ending. He will also have to set up the house before the guests arrive. At the party you meet your friends and a stranger as well.

As the party goes on one of your friends will go outside and will find the corpse of a nun and screams bringing everyone outside. Another friend went missing during this time.

You will go into the woods and find an abandoned building, which was a former asylum. After going inside you will see a mirror in one of the rooms. By checking this mirror you are sent to a different time, back to when the Asylum was functioning. In the room with the mirror is a note saying that there are enchanted crystals in the surrounding areas of the building to freeze and unfreeze time.

I also have it so there is a battle between An Angel of Massacre and A Demon.

I want to have it so you have to collect journal pages and put together Bryce's actual life events. Which will result in 3 alternative endings.

1] If the Doll is not found Bryce will die with the other patients in the Asylum.
2] {Without Doll} All the pages are found and the demon offers you a position as their eternal servant to preserve your life and save your friends from the death brought on by the angel and you are forced to kill them yourself.
3] {With Doll} All pages are found you have the choice of joining the demon and the demon's servant *the doll* or you can go back to living your "normal life" with your friends like it was all a dream with three dolls as a reminder.

I am looking for people who would be able to help make better sprites than the standard ones in RPG Maker VX Ace.
I am also looking for people who could make better character portraits and a title screen.
I am also looking for someone who specializes in SFX/BGM.

I would be unable to pay for your contributions however. This is merely just for fun so if you are interested please message me.

Where would I post on asking if anyone would want to design a game with me?

I'm still new to this site and am looking for someone or people who would maybe want to design a horror game with me using RPG Maker VX Ace

Anyone want to help me better develop a horror/mystery game?

The plot of the game is basically the main character has to find his friends, 1 went missing at his party, the second the day before. In his search he comes across a dead nun on the ground and searches further in the woods and finds an abandoned building which you eventually find out is the asylum, there's an aged journal on the ground and it's missing pages. In the current state it's not readable. In one of the rooms there is a mirror and the reflection is different. You check the mirror and are sent back in time to when the asylum was functioning.

I want to have it where there's an angel and demon in the asylum, the angel is an angel of massacre, and the demon is trying to help stop the angel in exchange for a soul. Both were summoned by people in the asylum. I'd like to have it so you have to find all the journal pages to get the true ending and everyone was returned, *friends*. And if you don't you get stuck there and are trapped without your friends because they all died.

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