Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



Cloud Ability Showcase

Thank you for the video! That looks really cool :D

Amelia Gift Art

Aww thank you all that means a lot to me. *hugs* ;3;
A-actually, I played a bit of perspective but something I wanted to share. Whenever I sleep in the dark, I get nightmares that someone close to me dies, all the time since I was a kid. And I thought the topic matter of Perspective kiindaa fits so I went with it. I wasn't really sure who was the main protagonist (I was kinda in a rush) so I went with Amelia.

Yimi Mini Game

I think it's either you disable saving or just leave it be XD..

Character Art: Sordis and Natalie

Thank you <3


Ei guys! We have indeed seen this as he also sent it to the team in Twitter :D
and we also replied :3

Madomori Doujin by NightMargin!

Kikiyama is the creator of Yume Nikki :D

Battlesystem -Yume RPG Creator Version. 0.7-

Persona 4 Sound Effects and suddenly I hear the RM Monster sound effects XD
Great Job so far~

CC's LP&Feedback

Hi C_C! thank you for the feedback and LP.
We really appreciate it! :)

You can also submit this to Media Madness Month by the way! It's made within the month of May~

First 5 Minutes

I've always had a soft spot for norse mythology.

I do as well, until I search for music. Then I start to hate it orz.

Let's Judge - Doggie Dayz (2)

It's there. :o
Ok then, did you install it to the system? You need to manually do that, unfortunately.(I'm not sure how to make it work automatically. :/)
Make sure to back up your VL Gothic font, because it replaces your current one.

a little too late for that now since I'm done and the Fonts folder should've displayed it anyway :o
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