Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

I remember Ocean was the most active member there too and started posting his pixel art tutorials. But to be honest, I barely hanged out in RRR.

I remember posting a set of artwork and it's like 15 dollars for 6 bust up with pose changes and I got told it was too expensive. Then I left forever lol.

I confessed to someone for the first time in my life and it felt great.

Anybody got tips on how to stay focused on making projects?

Yanfly made a great comic series about the workflow and I almost do the exact same:

Now the question is like, I have no idea what your vision for your game is like but I think once you have a "base" it's easier to tweak it based on what you want to do and just nail the gameplay you're aiming for.

But, just assuming you're the same as me and I have a very specific mood and vision that I want to do. Focus on a workflow that gives you some form of gratification and keep your expectations low.

So as an example, I am working on a huge project with custom graphics... alone. So what I did is create a general list of what I have to do, even if they look intimidating. Trello and/or Wunderlist are great for this. After that, I would create subsections inside that list to tell me what needs to be done before I can do it. Now I will focus on those subsections. Just a rough example:

1.) Write a new draft for the game's plot.
--- Write a short summary of the game. Beginning, Middle and End.
--- Gather some music that perfectly describes what I'm aiming for and something I would use for the game itself.

2.) Create a style for the game.
--- Determine color palette (remember: twilight hours)
--- Determine game perspective
--- Determine all the areas needed for that game. (e.g. Do I need grass tiles, etc.)
--- Create character sprite style.

And this is just a rough example, but they have very clear and small goals. A lot of them I finished in one day. Some took longer than expected. It took me 3 days to create a color palette. But what matters is that at least I work on it 1 hour a day and since they're so small I can trick my mind that I'm getting closer to the end goal.

I dunno if this is helpful for you but that's how I tackle my bigger projects lately.

As for released games, what we did is create a bunch of maps and some gameplay ideas. Then I fill those maps with a story, the database characters with personality and backstory and it snowballed from there. It's simple but effective.

Revive the Dead 2: Deader or Alive


I decided to work on Night of Marian after much deliberation. The story is about a young girl that just wants to take over the Underground city of Artygia. There are some other stuff like politics and 3 mafia-like entities but they're like backburner.

I'm still ironing out some very important plot details like the 6~7 bosses and fleshing out their areas. But my idea is that they're a representation of a tragedy for a specific area. I only have vague one liners for them so I can't really write about them in detail too. I'm still working on fixing my writing.

I haven't really started the game engine work as much, but I've been writing. so here are some comparison screens of old and new stuff I suppose!

Remade the logo since I don't have the original files anymore.

I also edited the game's CSS I guess...

Night of Marian


Oh shit you found me

Worth moving a game from VX to MV??

The mobile export in MV doesn't even work right. Like, you can distribute it to your friends if they root their phones. But the format that RMMV uses isn't accepted on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

TehGuy has been working on a solution but after two years it's currently still in the "getting closer to being done" stage. In other words don't assume it'll actually ever get finished.

That depends on the person. There are rpg maker mv games in the app store right now :o

But if you do want to delve into mobile:

[RMVX ACE] is there any good games that does not use the default battle system


Is this a before/after? That forest to the right is gorgeous.

Yup!!! and thanks!


Played it a long time ago and it's pretty good