Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Reaper of the Starless S...
Inside a deep abyss, a child wanders aimlessly.



RPG Maker VX Information Website

I actually like the RMVX set.

I just tried this out and my computer is stone age too and it worked perfectly just fine! I love it.
I might make Sacred Moon in here instead but the RGSS might be a great challenge for someone like me ^^;

I am really looking forward for this, everything ran so fluid. But I really miss the feature where you can see the sprite move since I don't like seeing it in IDraw.

Ocean stuffs

Nice ocean, it's looking awesome ^_^

Second Reality: Reflections

Well I can try to beta test. But the changing of chipsets somewhat disturbs me for a reason...

What are you working on?

Sacred Moon
I'm doing the 5 paths and currently done one and the other 2 is almost done and 2 more to go after that. Then finish a draft script. This is such a workload. Then those character art are taking way to long to be done :shakefish:

Same As Sacred Moon but only when I'm not in Sacred Moon Mode or motivated to do this.

On hold, but I already done the settings, and heroes.

Same as Nameless.

Ocean stuffs

Ocean your pixel backgrounds are always a killer :(
I love em :)