Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Reaper of the Starless S...
Inside a deep abyss, a child wanders aimlessly.



RPG Maker VXAce Nugget Crash Course Results (4/4)

RPGMaker VXAce Nugget Crash Course Results (1/4)

I updated this entry now with all 4 links!

RPGMaker VXAce Nugget Crash Course Results (1/4)

Soon. Once GRS posts his part.


RPG Maker VXAce Nugget Crash Course Results (2/4)

I'd like to say: I made it in eight days. I wanted to do a tutorial, but ahhhhhhh


Also I agree with just about everything you guys said! It is extremely flawed. I enjoyed listening to you guys talking about casting Haste on it. XD


Eight days. :O
And OMG, please don't hurt me D:

Let's Write! 5 Types of Stories!

Max, feel free to teach us in your own article. This is what I was taught. Different people write different ways. This is the way my teacher writes. It's interesting to me especially, because I've always been of the opinion to let the characters write the story.

We share the same beliefs.

Mapping in 5 easy steps

Nice work Indrah <3

Digital Tutorial (Part 1)

Yeah this one is made by a wired mouse know the one with the trackball and school PC. And very old :D

Digital Tutorial (Part 1)

It covers 2 programs at once as I said in the beginning though...sooooo....
To be honest I was planning to redo it, so maybe sometime

What makes a good dialogue? Part 2

Saying "triple ellipsis" is kind of redundant. By definition an ellipsis is generally three periods. The "triple" isn't neccesary.

Just saying :P

It's a discussion in the forum.'s not like that it matters........

Tactical Battle System Movement

I am?! But I have no children yet D: