Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Reaper of the Starless S...
Inside a deep abyss, a child wanders aimlessly.


[RM2K3]Looking for Fatima Chipset

Does anyone still have DE's chipset Fatima?

I used to have it and I could've sworn I saved it in my harddrive but I can't find it anywhere.

[RMMV] Collaboration with the Community

Hey guys!

News #1: OSS CoreScript
So RPG Maker MV's Core Scripts are now under OSS.

This project is aimed at improving "RPG Maker MV CoreScript" to be better than it currently is, aided by the community and developers. Any fixes implemented from here is now official.

The reason I have brought this up is because...

News #2: Editor Suggestion and Improvements
The purpose of this board is to improve the Editor for RPG Maker MV. Before now, we have had extremely limited rights to modify the editor. Depending on how OSS goes, we will be able to implement major editor changes. This will also rely heavily on community votes.

So if you are using RMMV and can program, please consider helping us!
Or if you are just a normal user, please vote for features or post features you'd like!

Thanks guys <3

Manage more than your games

Hi, I'm requesting if we could have manage pages for resources, etc.?
It's hard to go to submissions and manually check pages to update my old resources/utilities/articles or something.

RPG Maker 2000 Value! Is now out in English!

You're welcome guys and happy birthday Kentona~

Store link over here:
Changelog over here:

The same as Rm2k3, Cherry, Cy and I worked hard on it!

[RMVX ACE] Parameter Curve Bug

Hey guys, here's a bug rhyme and I discovered today.
Go to Class and Generate a Curve for any stats that isn't HP and MP. Make sure that Level 1 has 10* and Level 99 has 50, set it to Fast like this:

Check Levels 15, 16, 17 and it will get the stats by order: 21, 23, 22

Isn't that interesting? XD

Nessy Art Practice

Just some art dump of all my art practices with some stuff and getting used to the program. ;v;)b

7 Drawings in 3 days!

Not in Mischief:

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Third Attempt

Fourth Attempt

Fifth Attempt

Sixth Attempt

Review Categories

Hey RMN, I was talking to a friend and he brought up a good point when we were talking about a review that was in a game. He suggested having the ability to specify types of reviews.

There's value in social commentary & critique, but if they get lumped into the same camp as mechanical/technical reviews & general opinion pieces, people looking for completely different things will be let down; Since not every game is the same, especially when talking about RPGs and games with heavy themes.

Example, an opinion piece on the narrative structure and themes behind Tetris is silly. But for a game like virtue's last reward I'm far FAR more interested in hearing people's opinion on story than gameplay mechanics. But by dividing deep specific critique & generalized critiques on all important aspects into different sections, you can make sure to appease all types of writers.

Although, we want generalized critiques to be "objective" to be specified in some way what objective means. Because some are incapable of objectivity cause the moment there's specific interest present, something's invariably good.

I remember reading a review where the reviewer rated the game highly even though they had to cheat to even get halfway in the game and that really pissed me off.

It would make it easier to uphold review rules if opinion pieces are just allowed in their own way; because you'll have a place to point people towards if they have something to say that doesn't fit a standard template.

A-anyway, I was going somewhere with this, but I hope it makes sense?

Another thing, can RMN have some warning on game pages like mature content and such? Just in case people miss it from the description.

Nessy Let's Play!

Hello everyone! Because of the upcoming Extra Life 2013 and I participated without taking into account that my family might have plans, I would like to take 3 days to Livestream/Twitch TV your RM games. I also accept non-RM games if for some reason, you guys want that.

This is my YT Channel:
This is where I will Livestream:

  • This thread will be used to post my Let's Try and Let's Play videos, in addition to taking requests and suggestions.
  • If you want to extensive updates or just want to show your support, this is my youtube channel.
  • After the Live Stream, I will upload them in my youtube channel!

What's the difference between Let's Try and Let's Play?

Let's Try: A video playthrough of a demo/incomplete game with commentary and criticisms. This is to help developers improve their game by explaining what works well and what needs improvement. Includes friendly criticism as well as my own commentary. This is mainly for demos.
Let's Play: A video playthrough of a complete game with mainly commentary, just a casual play. This is mainly for full games.

Just a little note, I am actually a person of few words, but I will do my absolute best to talk a lot. There might be times that I *might* complain all of a sudden. Please forgive me for that!

Small Rules
  • I have the right to not finish the games. If it just so happens there's a bug crashing or I get too frustrated. I think it happens to most of us.
  • I won't accept fangames unless they have a sense of quality. I really don't want to play DBZ and FF mashup for example...
  • I prefer to play games that don't already have an LP or LT for the version released. I want to give games that haven't received video feedback priority. However, should you have a newer version (i.e. new content, not just bug fixes) that hasn't been LP/LTed, I might be willing to give it a go (or you are just really dying for me to play it for some reason).
  • I may have to stop taking requests if the To-Do List becomes too full or that I'm too busy.
  • If you guys want to, I can post my LT/LP on your game pages/forum threads. I might also leave feedback about the game after playing them.

When will you stream?
I will be streaming at 5:00 PM, GMT+8 from October 26~28 (or Oct. 25~27 in USA) until whenever the stream ends. I would like some time to download all the requests! (-^〇^-)

Let's Play:
- Azure Waves by Ocean's Dream (Requested by Moon)
- A Wizard's Quest (Requested by ARandomGameMaker)
- Tetris (Requested by Pepsi)

-The Wedding by Unfurl (Requested by Gourd)
- Final Fantasy Echoes of the Past (Requested by Pepsi)
- Generica: The Next Generation (Requested by Moon)

- Demon Tutor by Kory Toombs
- The First Rebellion by Solomon
- A Girl and Her Familiar by Choco-Elliot Wyvern
- Illusions of Loyalty by Aegix Drakan

Thanks everyone!

Happy Birthday Dudesoft!

Happy Birthday dawg, have a nice one~
I wanted to greet you for all the cool art topics you keep on pushing in RMN and stuff. :D


-content removed because apparently you can't advertise this game without asking permission.-
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