Lots of stuff has happened over the years. Now I am gam mak. If you know me then you know me, if not then I am awesome! :D

Legion Saga DX
A remake of the original LS and LSR in a more modern RPG Maker using the Time Fantasy style.



Flurry of Owls - 2019 Gammak Challenge!

So... what about Anthropomorphic Owls?

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

You did all that? So what exactly does Arc do then? It’s not like it’s his story or characters to begin with so I’m genuinely curious.
Probably just makes poor Decky work for minimum wage and takes credit. No wonder he got divorced three times, the madman!

Shit. Was I supposed to pay him minimum wage? And don't over-divorce me... it was only two, officially!

hey i want money too

i have no claim on this, but i just want in

You'll be hearing from my divorce lawyer!

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

I am the bank roll, obviously. Who do you think paid for all the extra plugins and graphics? It wasn't charity work. Several thousand dollars has already gone into the project.

There were also maps made before Deckiller got involved in the project. Who do you think said "These are the maps that I need. This is the story in this area." I also do all the fine tuning on maps when I am putting in the NPCs, dialogue, and cutscenes to make them flow better.

Additionally, while Deckiller made the foundation of the battle system as he has way more experience with RPG Maker damage formulas and boss fight mechanics. I had to work closely with him on the actual design. It isn't like Deckiller was working in a void. "This is how I want the game to play. These are the type of abilities I want to see, etc etc." had to come from somewhere.

I managed the actual project workflow, deadlines, and such within the various people that have worked on the project too.

Additionally, the story and characters have been greatly expanded so it isn't like I just copied the original events and dialogue. I reorganized the flow of the storyline so that it makes more sense, had to fill in the gaps in the plot holes, added my own characters, and extra things to it in the game.

I researched every corner of the internet to dig up the old lore from the games so I could fit some of the lore from the later games back into the original story.

So I actually take quite a bit of offense (barring people that I consider friends that I know are just shitposting me) to such a loaded question. There quite a bit more to the game then maps, damage formulas, and bosses.

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

So what did DX stand for again?
DX is a phonetic alliteration for 'Dicks'. There's going to be a lot of hentai included in this version.

I told you not to talk about that.

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

this game uses maps by me and you're making money with it without giving me any? prepare to hear from my lawyers about this

they wanna congratulate you apparently

Funny that you mentioned that. Since I spoke with esby and you a few months ago about the things to get permission to use the maps in the commercial version. We have discussed things further... I'll talk to you guys about it as we get closer to a release. :D

Seasons of RMN II

It is winter fresh.

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I prefer blackened hearts... for Evil that is. Not in a Hannibal type of way.

Seasons of RMN II


Here I go again on my own

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...

Seasons of RMN II

I wouldn't mind teaming up... I hate mapping for any one out there that would like to throw together some maps and I can lay the rest of the stuff onto it. I don't time what graphics we use... I've been wanting to do something with nes/gb graphics myself.

Have all the legal makers... not opposed to rips... etc etc.

Don't think about it. Just do it.