Lots of stuff has happened over the years. Now I am gam mak. If you know me then you know me, if not then I am awesome! :D

Legion Saga DX
A remake of the original LS and LSR in a more modern RPG Maker using the Time Fantasy style.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

Yeah, I added some rtp examples. Here are some more:
Sidewinder (no castles, but his use of rtp is very impressive)

As I said... Deckiller using RTP. HA!

And the Sidewinder link leads to Dirge of Doningoth.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

How did I forget about Badluck's mapping... but that is refmap for you.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Where is Corf or Deckiller when you need to show off more realistic made/scaled RTP castles...

Seasons of RMN II

Since the event is closed I can't update... but the gamepage has version 2.3 which corrects a few more bugs. It was a learning experience using 2k3... so many old quirks I forgot about.

The Founder's Quest (A Seasons 2 Game)


  • So, Warrior's skills are the only skills that work.
  • Can't escape battles.
  • Encounter rate is nuts.
  • Some enemies are unbeatable, though that may be down to the fact that Priestess and Mage's blessings and magic don't work.
  • Still alive, even though dead.
  • Cannot progress due to unbeatable encounters.

Overall, the story looks like a cool idea. I'd like to see a version of this working right.

That's for the feedback. I figured on some maps they were so small that a slightly higher encounter rate would be fine but I'll alter them. I set the Crypt's encounters so they wouldn't be so many but I will push it out even more.

Looking at the database... Yeah... things aren't set up quite right for Priestess. Which encounters are unbeatable? I will throw up an updated version in the morning to fix the encounters.

Now I am not sure why escapes aren't working... There are only three battles that are set to disable escape. Ogre, Skeletons, and Dark Knight... and I checked all the maps they are set with escape allowed.

I'll have to look into the still alive not dead... is that enemies or allies?

I added a new update that should help with the encounter rate and blessing/magic not working right.

Seasons of RMN II

If you downloaded our game I have updated the submitted copy.

The Founder's Quest (A Seasons 2 Game)

Thanks, Frogge.

Working on the fixes now.

Version 2.2 Updates
1. I used the wrong /n, wee. Fixed
2. A couple music files were not included for battle music as it changes depending on your level and I didn't catch it. Fixed
3. Forgot to set the Direction Fix on the headless guys. Weee. Fixed
4. Forgot to set who can use items in the items. That's a fun one. Fixed
5. I added the Battle Command to the actor but due to my inexperience with 2k3... I didn't add it to the Battle Screen section. Finally figured that one out! Fixed
6. Forgot to add the actual final boss enemy to the Troop when I was finished up the battle stuff at midnight with very little sleep in the last two days. Fixed
7. There are probably a few tile issues so if you find somewhere it seems like you can't walk then it was likely missed. Being able to walk over the mounds in the Underground

Woodhaven? Hmmm, now where have I seen that name before?

Edit: congrats on completion arc! Playing and reviewing this immediately.

It was a random name from a list that Link came up with when I was originally looking at Haven as a name.

The Founder's Quest (A Seasons 2 Game)

That's not supposed to happen. Those vehicle files were definitely there before. Let me know if you find any other bugs.

Seasons of RMN II

We have a game page. We are mostly complete other than the battle system.