Then the LORD Aremen said unto Zack, "Behold, I will rain gams from Heaven for you; and the people shall go out and play a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My maps, or no." - 3TileRule 4:16, Holy Help File



Romancing Walker

As asked, a new file including all the RTP needed is now available. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova


Good work, My Child!

Legion Saga

I found the issue - one of the chipsets hadn't been imported after a slight edit so the background colour was messed up. Fixed and reuploaded! Enjoy~

Edit: Turns out I uploaded the wrong file. Oops. Rectified!

Legion Saga III

V3 is the new one (hence why it replaced the older version as the main download) and very likely the less size is due to stripping files that weren't necessary.

Legion Saga II

Walkthrough and Recruitment pages have been added.

Legion Saga III

New download added with bug fixes and extra bits (the Cardico game and some side-quests). Check the details of the download page to see all the fixes. The new download also comes with a lot of extras included in it (as well as a comprehensive walkthrough, which I've also added to the page.)

Also, a recruitment page is up with details on how to recruit each character.

What does RMN even STAND FOR?

Lord Aremen, with the greatest of respect... go home, you're drunk.
It is becoming apparent that one day I shall have to Smite thee, dear Liberty. Repent now, for thy Blasphemy and Forgiveness shall be yours. Do not, and I, the Most Holy and Most High Lord, shall require a Penance of thee.

...this after I have provided new games for thee to play.

What does RMN even STAND FOR?

You make your Lord a sad Lord...
I demand from thee 5 Three Tile Rules and a reading of the Holy Help File as penance for your sins.

Anime for someone who doesn't really 'like' anime.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - This is good if you can get over the fact that it has a fourteen year old and his eleven year old brother as the main protagonists. It's unusually serious for a show that starts out making you wonder if it's designed for kids, though, and it's extremely well made. It has a few poorly thought out weird religious allegories that don't add much besides confusion. There's a different series just called "Full Metal Alchemist" that has the same characters and is like a far-worse-quality telling of the same story that has a different ending; make sure you don't watch that one by accident.
Your Lord seconds this, HOWEVER! I am going to command thee to watch the first series up until about episode 10 as it does a MUCH better job of actually exploring the relationships between the characters and fleshing them out.

Brotherhood had a lot it needed to do in a short amount of time, thus it cut through a lot of the interactions and building that FMA did, meaning that certain parts don't have as much meaning. If thou wishest for the full experience that it can give you, watch FMA up til at least episode 10. That should give you a decent grounding in the characters, their interactions and what-not. Then switch over and watch Brotherhood from the start.

Your Lord commands it!
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