[RMVX ACE] Remove Gold Window from Menu?

This works for MV as well!
Just did it - and it worked!

The line numbers are little bit different, but the program text are the same - so i did it, and it works!
(I don't know - maybe it will crash at some point, but for now - it works just like it should!)

So thank you!

The Story Generator

This thing is really good and useful! Thanks!
You did a great job! This thing is great source of writing ideas!

But one bad thing - it uses only ONE storyline template.
I mean, "One day friend disappeared - enemy turned out to be new friend - together they will find out all the stuff obout it".
I understand, how many work it takes, but do you have any plans about make something like this, but much more randomize-oriented? With more unpredictible results?
Something like randomly-generated storyline template?

One more time - thank you! This thing is great!

Dhux's Scar

Game is great!
I like games, where author not trying to be polite - just unleashes its ideas without any self-censourship. It kinda hard-to-find these days...
Thanks for this!

Modification: Asagi's Gun Licence by Kread-EX

Thanks for this!
Always wanted to make an modern warfare RPG!

Heiwaboke Crisis

Please, upload the standalone version. I don't have XP RTP, and don't have plans to download and install it just because of one game.
Please, undersand.

P.S. Standalone versions always have much more total download rate, than versions, that require RTP.


This room is kinda strange...
Steel floor, obelisk, pillars with red crystal balls and holes with something burning inside.
What kind of room is it?


Is there will be South Leasath ?
Just jokin'
Map is really good. I like it.

Metal Gear Solid: Lunacy of Legion

I am MGS fan and i want to say one thing - the game is just amazing!
It's like playing Metal gear 1&2 on Yamaha MSX back then in 80's.
My Metal gear collection has one more title now, so i really happy.

One bad thing - the dialogs is too simple. And there must be more of them.
I think, you should add more Kojima-style dialogs like: (sorry for some spoiler)

Snake:"Otacon! I've spotted a rat!"
Otacon:"Yes, Snake. It's an african jungle rat. They live in caves"
Snake:"Caves... Does't their name means they live in JUNGLE?"
Otacon:"Not at all, Snake. This is jungle cave, you see. The rats live here because they like dark, cold and wet places."
Snake: "You talking just like Miller. By the way - it's not a cave. It's a hand-made tunnel. And it has a locked door. Do you have any idea how to open it?"
Otacon: "There MUST be a key, Snake! Try to look around."
Snake: "I already did! Here's NO KEY! Defeneatly. Here's only this jungle-cave rat or how its name was."
Otacon: "The african jungle rat, Snake. By the way - there's one more interesting thing about them."
Snake: "What thing?"
Otakon: "They are famous for stealing of some shiny little things."
Snake: "Shiny little things, huh. Like... keys?"
Otacon: "Exactly! So why don't you check out one of this rats?"
Snake: "Rats. Keys. Check out... Got it!"
That's what i was miss much, playing this great game.
I think, with such dialogs this game will be perfect.

Guide to Switches and Variables Part One

Oh yeah, thanks, man!!! That's great! I did read it, tried it out, and now i understand how it works! Now i can create mini-bosses that NOT come back to life, when you leave the map and return.

(I'm little bit new in VX, so that was big problem for me)

Ob Iter

Wow! Modern military setting! Pistols & rifles... It will be great!
I'm tired of classic fantasy with swords and magic (and not only me).
This game will be very good - i'm sure!
Especially, i like the character sprites and portraits from the battle screenshot - they looks very "One-style" and this is really good. Simplistic, but looking good!
Try to make all the sprites in this style - even enemy sprites.
The one-style custom graphic is the key to high-standart and stand-alone project.
(the default RTP guy with hairband, and red-haired guy from "Langrisser" must be replaced - they doesn't fit the style... but you already know this, i guess)

P.S. The title name is really weird. What it means?
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