My games are very blue, seriously.
Project Oscine
Build the perfect group of fighters and traverse through ten different types of dungeons in order to gather data needed to save the planet!



The Warello Network Review

Hey thanks for taking the time to review my game nhubi!

I get what you mean about a lack of backstory in the game; I sprinkled little things here and there, but there really wasn't much place to dump a lot of backstory on people, as I feared it might get in the way of pace I had set for the game.

If I get anywhere in the contest I may just make this more than one episodic adventure; everything would be clear as the story kept going, since they stumbled upon the very corp they've been on the run from for about a year.

Project Oscine Review

This was quite the treat to wake up to Peticks; I'm glad you really enjoyed the game!

This project was my way of forcing myself to finish something, so the story is pretty light, but a prequel of this game is in the works that will have a balance between gameplay and story. It's going to chronicle what happens right when the virus hits the city areas, and later the rest of the world; focusing on how people dealt with the chaos.

Thank you for the review!
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