My games are very blue, seriously.
Project Oscine
Build the perfect group of fighters and traverse through ten different types of dungeons in order to gather data needed to save the planet!



Project Oscine

Just updating this to say there were a couple of skill oddities like random targeting that isn't supposed to be random, Pepper Spray raising magic instead of lowering it, and a couple of augs that just plain didn't work.

All of this has since been fixed.


What clash? I don't see any; I mean look those status faces fit the battler's face perfectly, even has the same crisp skin tone.

Project Oscine

Hint: The puzzle layout is the same as the first area of the dungeon (first reach dungeon 2). The clues are found on the notices placed on the wall at said location.


Gray Blue Black
Red Blue Green


It has the most defense, at the very least.

Project Oscine Review

This was quite the treat to wake up to Peticks; I'm glad you really enjoyed the game!

This project was my way of forcing myself to finish something, so the story is pretty light, but a prequel of this game is in the works that will have a balance between gameplay and story. It's going to chronicle what happens right when the virus hits the city areas, and later the rest of the world; focusing on how people dealt with the chaos.

Thank you for the review!

Project Oscine

Just posting this to say I updated the main download to fix the remaining spelling errors and a few bugs, like:

* Weapon Element augments can now be equipped.
* A portrait of Kairos that hanged during his third conversation is now fixed.
* In the first safe zone after beating the game the player can now talk to their allies if they chose to forego class changing.
* Cleaned up text that referenced stuff I took out of the game.

Thanks for bringing two of those to my attention kalledemos. This'll be the game's last update unless someone finds something that makes the game unplayable.

Project Oscine

The answer is on the notice posted on the wall in the first dungeon area, it gives you the needed hint on why the maintenance man won't change the flooring of the cabins (rooms). You said "colored floor" yourself, so you gave yourself a big clue right there. Keep notice of the layout of the puzzle and the area you entered the dungeon in.

Project Oscine

The name input window was replaced by one you type into like you would a word document, so if you wanted to name a character "Teresa" or whatever you'd just type the name in and press enter when you're done.

There's a couple of passwords that can be input in the game that follow the same rules, since basically it's just checking to see if the name input matches the conditional branch.

But wow; I wanted to focus on a game that was mostly gameplay to prepare for future full length projects, so I'm very glad you're enjoying what you've played thus far!

Project Oscine

Thanks for the interest guys!

I am just posting to say that I updated the demo for hopefully the final time for bugs other than grammar (which will be ironed out over the next few days all at once)

Someone had pointed out that the previous download before this post had a bug where guarding crashed the game, so if you still have the old file (at 43 downloads) just don't guard unless you download the updated game, as saves can be easily carried over if you want to guard.

Finally a Release!

Thanks for the heads up, figured out what was causing it almost right way thanks to the error you reported.

The download has been updated so guarding won't crash anything; made sure to test it a couple of times first.
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