My games are very blue, seriously.
Project Oscine
Build the perfect group of fighters and traverse through ten different types of dungeons in order to gather data needed to save the planet!



Project Oscine

Just updated the download real quick, was missing one animation file, but everything runs fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Haha thanks, and yes it is exactly supposed to be like a mission control center. All of the battle data from the simulations is recorded and analyzed there.

You've made me think about how I could use the space on the bottom right though, as it's probably the only spot that's not utilized. I can either change that real quick or change the design a little bit to cover it up.


Yeah I should and will update the picture to accommodate what's actually in that room; it's the location of the intro and the player doesn't actually move around in it.

The player exclusively moves around in the "dungeon simulator" so it is in fact near the entrance. The only time this room is seen is at the very beginning and whenever the player completes the dungeons.

I still don't understand how it's so huge though, would it be better if I just shaved the entire bottom half off?


I wouldn't really consider it huge since it's supposed to be where a few people work while recording the data the player's team will provide, not to mention it fits the whole screen (no map scrolling with the resolution I am using)

It also houses the entrance to the dungeon simulations on the top left.


So that's where Gary gets it from.
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