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Fullmetal Alchemist: Blu...
For dreams that can't be reached, Are you covering your hands with blood? Al's smile. A blue island in dreams. Reality covered in blood
zz Akane:Remastered
Akane wakes up one night because of a loud noise she hears.
Two vampires. One plot to change all they know.
Darkness of Hope - Save ...
It's the side-dish of the main project, Darkness of Hope. It explain the story about Checilia Silviana thet was happen 5 years ago.
SARCIA is an indie game for Windows with free bi-weekly updates of content. Explore an Endless mysterious and unique Universe that gets bigger and bigger every two weeks
Blood Rose
Our dear Elise, please forgive us.
Konae's Investigations
A search for truth ends in only one place.
Pokemon-The Awakening
A Game that shows what the afterlife in the Pokemon world may be like
Castle Chase 2
"God help any villain who gets it in his head to kidnap her." -Solitayre
Quincy and Amber: Quest ...
A co-operative adventure puzzle game
Violent Whispers
A young man ventures on a journey which will discover the secret behind his unusual vital-defect. A secret that will change his life forever.
zz The Room of Eyes
''Speaking of which,do you know why I came here?''
Villainous: World Conque...
An adventure with the villains as protagonists
Dark Souls inspired Metroidvania RPG
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
zz M!emories
What is the truth about the haunted mansion?
A dungeon-crawler game featuring randomly-generated dungeons!
The Vendor
Turn a profit and indirectly save the world
Kitten Mita
Mischievous adventure of Mita the kitten and her imaginary doll friend Memble in search for new perfect mother figure.
Densha Soul
Wrong ticket = a trip to hell.
The Worldbuilder's Fate
A story about a Worldbuilder who got trapped in his own world.
Mayhem Maiden
Four kidnapped "maidens" decide to break out on their own. Hijinx Ensue.
The Last The Last
A video game director goes rogue
A young boy makes the most important decision of his life.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~
A girl and her dog journey through limbo. Made for Global Game Jam 2015.
Pastlife: Legend of Elor...
An action-RPG about killing a necromancer.
Three mercenaries, two factions, ALL BURNING ROBOT ACTION
A monster breeding game set in a semi-futuristic world
What's wrong dear, had a bad dream?
Storms of April
A girl from Earth is transported to a magical land of Storm Magi for an unknown purpose, and now all she wants is to go home.
RMN: Make My Score~<3
Relationship Maintenance Network: Make my Score~<3
Cute Action RPG adventure!
Kago to Torii
Set in Japan in the mid 90's, Kago to Torii is an upcoming RPG Maker VXA horror game.
Follow the Darkness
"The Fox is waiting."
5 Little Lights
Horror writer Gill O'Teen becomes trapped in a nightmarish story.
Afterlife: The Second Di...
Once upon a time, the Afterlife in a parallel universe...
A young vampire on a journey for his own identity and the origins of his lineage.
SpongeBob 2k3
A badaption for RMN's 5 Year Anniversary Event!
Animal Crossing: Old Pal...
An Adventure/simulation game where you move into a small town with various Animal neighbors trying to build a life.
Prelude - Act 1
Silence is ultimate weapon of power.
Eternal Dreams - The tal...
A Visual Novel about gods, friendship, love and the end of the world.
The Last Pirate Queen
When there's no room left in the world for mercenaries and magic, how will you adapt to the changing circumstances and survive the oncoming storm?
Revelation Chronicles: E...
Anime styled Fantasy RPG.
Monster Love Party
A short comedy horror game in time for Halloween!
Stray Cat Crossing
A baby-faced monster is waiting.
Must stop evil empire; Must kiss all party members (and enemies because why not)
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
Graceless Reminiscence
Does the cycle of war merely exist for humans to preserve "peace" and "stability"?
Friends Or Lovers ? (WOR...
After a hard break up with his ex, can the main character of this story find love again ?
Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Conte...
I died once. (Complete Edition Act II+ now available!)
Harvest Moon VX
A recreation of the original Harvest Moon for the SNES using VX Ace's engine.
Super Smash Bros. Crusad...
A Super Smash Bros fangame
Tales of Arcadia
Two veteran soldiers try to stop a war that threatens to engulf all of Asloria.
Crime Opera II: The Floo...
The kids have grown up, and they're becoming quite dangerous.
A Home Far Away
Two siblings lose each other, reunite and must find their way back home in this light-hearted adventure <3 A complete game, two years in the making.
Everlasting Journey
Characters, magic, stats, charm, plot, ADVENTURE!
Cry Wolf
Senior Week at Miso Academy is concluded with a sleep over at school... a night that changed everything.
Black Galax: Revert
Welcome to the scientifically advanced country Cliva! Where the strange and paranormal flies under the commoners radar...
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
Wild Wings 2
Shade's search for his father.
Diary of a Madman
Journey through a world of darkness as you follow the journey of Ganthithor whom has fallen upon unforseen circumstances in his life.
The gift you gave
Musical RPG
Ruins of Typhon
Explore the ruins of a once great city!
My RPG Maker Swan Song
A story-based RPG with elements of Horror, Mystery, and Adventure.
Matsumori Days
Matsumori High. Where everything begins. And ends.
Help Center
A stuck up cat tries to do something about her embarassing friends.
Yume RPG Toolkit 3D
3D RPG Creator
With Sprinkles
A Really Short Game about Ice Cream Kids
Unraveled: Tale of the S...
Based on real events, adventure through a child’s imagination as she seeks out her lost family. Music by Secret of Mana's Hiroki Kikuta
Land's Hope
Restore the homeland!
The Clans - Cursed Souls
The Clans - Cursed Souls is a RPG/Horror game set into The Clans universe. It is also contest entry for Indie Game Maker 2014.
Sacred Earth: Promise
A group of old friends are brought together, and an old promise is remembered...
Find answers hidden behind a surreal world and its odd inhabitants.
Eternal Odyssey
Secrets are just the beginning what lies in darkness cannot be explained. Join Oni Hemura and friends and save a world.
Spirit in the Mirror
A young girl's journey. A soldier's vengeance. A tragic destiny.
Is there a way to bring her back?
Vision of Despair
A weird mystery/comedy adventure.
The Bar
The Bar is a short stroy about one mans waiting
Hello, and welcome to Evil Productions! Are games what they really seem?
Tales Of Astrenia - 1st...
A story about various young people who want to protect their friends and family.
Action RPG now fully translated. No RTP required.
A survival/crafting game.
Aether Pulse
They said it could save the world. They were wrong.
Zehn: Hollow Past
Horror adventure with lots of controlled random events and focus on gameplay.
Scaredy Cat
Overcome your fears!
Lost Story
A Story of Classical Brilliance
Ningyo Heart
An extreme survival horror RPG game.
Fleuret Blanc.
Mystery RPG about fencing, possessions, and information collection.
Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.
Intertwining storylines in a land of steam and broken dreams
Beautiful Escape: Dungeo...
A short game about torture and love (Game Gale '10 entry)
Koruldia is an independent video game under development on PC. It's an Adventure-RPG, it gathers various gameplay trends, mainly a dominating “Pokémon-like” fight system.
Saratorus - Between Ligh...
Lyla is back in this Zelda styled RPG filled with secrets, riddles and items!
Detective Jane
The first episode of a detective series. Detective Jane is put to solve the murder of a multi-millionaire man. The problem? Many clues, many suspects, many motives.
Red's Revenge BETA UPDAT...
Sequel to Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures
D is for Dungeon
A dungeon crawler starring a baby.
Phantom Legacy (Redux)
The truth lies beyond death
A Very Long Rope to the ...
The rope winds from the clouds like the long-dried trail of a giant's tear...
Phate Demo
Explore a new world and decide its ultimate fate
OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (
Think Outside the Box
There's more than one way to solve a problem!
Lost & Found
A short horror game
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Crimson Rafflesia
A story about truth and lies, love and hate, and a field of decaying flowers.
The Count of Venomlurk M...
A young boy journery through the distorted manor of the mysterious curses count to save his sister!
The Adventures of Isabel...
Quest for the Grimorie - Help Isabelle and her friend Caroline get the Grimorie of Infinite Power!
A multiple choice horror game that takes inspiration from Heavy Rain.
The Heart Pumps Clay
Lonely little witch in the swamp, sittin' by a pile of mud...
Among Thieves
Go on a journey to clear your name
Fancy and the Fox
2014 Indie Game Maker Contest Entry - Fancy is thrown into recovering lost orbs after discovering one in the forest along with an unlikely companion, a Fox!
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
The Mysterious Wonderlan...
cute little puzzle action- adventure
Seraphic Blue (English)
The sophisticated tale of a seraphic entity with a powerful message behind it...
Death Proclaimed
A horror game about a woman searching for answers.
All Fall Down
A story of love, longing, and loss.
Chronology of the Last E...
One man tries his luck against the world and everything in it.
Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate
Huge 12 Hours+ Fantasy Role Playing Game
Halloween Wars
Horror parody where four gifted children fight off a monster invasion.
Two siblings wash ashore on a mysterious island. Now they must find a way to return home.
Pointless Actions
"There must be more to life than this," said Ralph. "I mean, an RPG can't just stick the player with a generic, boring character and not have him DO anything!"
The "monochromatic" game
Star Stealing Prince
Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.
Saviour: Angel's Tears
When Angel is diagnosed with a serious brain tumor, it is your task to collect as many reminders of you two together to temporary stop her memories from fading.
Null Regrets
Two friends, three regrets, and a lot of conversation about nothing particularly significant.
An RPG-Maker Point n Click Adventure. A tale about games, darkness and memories.
Wyrm Warriors
An RMN collaboration game featuring 30 original characters made by the community!
Long Way Home
After his ship is wrecked, all he wants to do is go home... But it's not that easy.
The Logomancer
A JRPG without killing, where words are your most powerful weapons.
The Kindly King
RPG Questing and Castle Builder game
Ringmaster Clause
An adventure game detailing the lives of dolls
A tale of two unlikely friends struggling to piece together their broken pasts.
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
Little Briar Rose
A point-and-click adventure inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fable
Forever's End
After being labeled a traitor, ex-Captain Epoch Lander must decide whether to accept his fate or fight his former allies for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.
A horror game based on dentistry
Where music, memories, past and present merge into one.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
The Merchant's Tale
A mysterious merchant guides a mysterious goddess.
Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Bloody Rose
"I am you Bloody Knight, I swear to protect you no matter what." "I am your Bloody Heaven, I swear to love you whatever you do." "I am your Bloody Rose, I swear to remain with you forever."