[RM2K3] "Loading plugin "condition_icons.dll" failed! (1114)"

Hi Folks, I decided to start the weekend off by playing some old RM games that I missed out on.

Tried to play Theia but was hit with "Loading plugin "condition_icons.dll" failed! (1114)" from the DynRPG Loader when booting the game.

Any thoughts on how to fix this error. Im running the game on Windows 10 if that helps.

[RMMV] RM2k3 Resources in RMMV

Hi Folks,

It’s been some years since I picked up RPGmaker and I’m having thoughts of restarting progress on a passion project. That said, I’ve read a lot about the advancements made in RMMV and was curious on how easy it is to import RM2K3 resources and use them as character and tiles in MV.

I guess ease is not the real question, more so do they look right in MV. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I imagine they have a different dimension for resources than 2k3.

Would appreciate your help in understanding
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