Not much to know, was an older designer known as Alucardxdemon, but I left the RM community a few year ago. I'm back now to simply complete one of my favorite projects and share it with this community.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

xD Per some suggestion, expanding/remaking the city areas.

Very pretty, happy to see you're still working on this game. Question do you experience heavy lag with all the events taking place simultaneously on one map?

I was told that my town's buildings were too gloomy for the rest of the map, and that my streets were too boring.



I think the buildings probably need a little more tweaking, but I'm much happier with the street.
Like how you lightened the buildings, I would say that the grass is a little too bright. Also is there a way to create dynamic shadows for your sprites on the map, I see some shading between the sprites legs I assume this is a shadow but I don't think all the shadows are the same color.

Thank you for the compliment :).

@Ashley Lacure- That is godly mapping. I bow down to your greatness.

Thanks man, trying. Just wait until I finish some of these new forest tile sets.

@Ashley_Lacure, those maps look nice, especially the forest.
Thank you, updates coming soon.

Ashley_Lacure, good use of the old RTP. Worked for Hero's Quest, works for you. What font is that you're using?
Thank you man, I am using MS Echo by East.

I wonder whatever happened to this game?

Man that game was sexy, no idea what happened to it though

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Decided to start working on my old RM game Revelations. Will be rolling out mrs material soon but just a refresher.

My shitty spelling from 2 years ago

Also any Pixel Artist or editors please PM me I have some commissioned work I'd like done.

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

Is anyone besides DHM and Cherry still actively working with this patch. I'd be interested in hiring a developer to help me with a project if so.

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

I'm pretty sure there's an updated version of this plugin that does include attack animation frames somewhere since I'm using it in my game. But I don't remember where it was posted... you could probably find it by searching some of the RM2K3 plugin threads or PM dragonheartman for it.
If you find it let me kno. I honestly just want the monster to disappear when attacking and using an animation to do the actual attack.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Need ideas for enemy levels in RPG 2K3 or pick the best idea

You could always make more powerful skills available to enemies for every 10 levels or so that a player reaches. Combined with the Enemy HP and MP idea you could make every enemy have a high amount of health and them subtract the HP based on level at the beginning of battle. Personally the transformation ability is not one that I use enough to advise you on, but I feel if you don't want to restrict content as well as balance battles I feel like this could be a good alternative.


I appreciate the video, suggestions. I'll actually try them all out to see what works best.

@Alterego: I see where you are coming from, I'll try and play around with it to get away from that flat feeling.

Sprite Request: A Boar and A Bird

Hey everybody Im working on a boss for my game and ran into a problem I could not overcome myself. I am currently looking for anyone who has experience with pixel art and could potentially sprite a giant boar as well as a giant bird. Ive included example below and these sprites will be used in RPGmaker 2003. I would prefer if these sprites to be created to fit the RPGmaker 2k RTP. If you can assist me you will be paid for your work if necessary.

Thank You,

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Ghost: I love the spites and the scene this game looks really nice. Keep posting I eager to see more.


Love the changes made so far, also thank you for the animated enemies really fit my game style.