Not much to know, was an older designer known as Alucardxdemon, but I left the RM community a few year ago. I'm back now to simply complete one of my favorite projects and share it with this community.


Sprite Request: A Boar and A Bird

Hey everybody Im working on a boss for my game and ran into a problem I could not overcome myself. I am currently looking for anyone who has experience with pixel art and could potentially sprite a giant boar as well as a giant bird. Ive included example below and these sprites will be used in RPGmaker 2003. I would prefer if these sprites to be created to fit the RPGmaker 2k RTP. If you can assist me you will be paid for your work if necessary.

Thank You,

What Are You Listening To?

Im sure this topic has been posted before, but I didnt want to necropost. Anyways post links to Youtube instead of embedding them I know it may slow down some peoples computers. (Maybe?)

Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar

Developer's Spot#1: I'm an NPC, The Role of NPCs in Your Games

Developer's Spot: Whenever I'm not working or working on my game I have ideas and questions that I would like to share with others. But because very few of my school/work friends are interested in game development I never get the chance. These Developer Spots will be a means of communicating with other developers about mechanics and ideas in games. Please feel free to participate and if you like to talk about these kind of things or your game in general feel free to PM me.

I'm an NPC, The Role of NPCs in Your Games

What is the purpose of NPC's? By definition they are Non-Playable Characters and they possess a variety of uses that range from the population of cities to contribution to a games story and central plot. But my question really deals with the role that they play in your games. NPCs are indeed crucial to the story as not every character presented can be a playable character (Chrono Cross nearly made this possible) but why are these NPCs so intertwined in your party's quest to save the world? Why do they lurk around enemy hot spots and sell you items just in the nick of time? Why are they always so helpless and if not helpless, is it necessary for these characters to join you party?

In Short:
  • What is the purpose of NPCs in your games?

  • How does your story affect the lives of these NPCs?

  • Do all characters who appear useful have to join your party?

  • What is the purpose of NPCs in town?

  • Why bother giving Bob the Farmer dialog if he has no life outside of "The weather is great today" *Move Event: Bob, Move Right, Move Right, Move Left, Move Left*?

These are just a few questions I had for myself last night when populating one of my games towns, also why the hell do NPCs just let you come into their houses and take their stuff? If you cant think of anything, this is one of my personal favorite articles on this site.

[Recruiting] RPGmaker 2k3 RTP Mapper

Hey everyone, Im currently looking for a little help while working on my project Revelations. Im looking for anyone who has skills and the desire to work with the RPGmaker 2003 RTP. Revelations is a dungeon crawler and as you can imagine many maps of different varieties must be designed. Below is an example of my work, I would like to try to bring as much complexity to these maps as possible. If you are interested please PM me and I will provide direction as well as provide you with my map tile edit so we can start working. Payment will be negotiated as well, its an incentive for those who may not be motivated enough.

Thank you in advance,

[Paid] Graphic Design Request

Working on a new site for a project and I would like assistance in making a site logo, favicon and a few buttons. Please Message me for more information but know that you will be compensated for your work and I would really only advise talented artists to message me.

In terms of guidelines for the project I will discuss them in detail with the artists that message me but the logo would be created in photoshop and will be a vector image. The project is very important to me and I would appreciate the help.

Thank You

All Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is...(In the HOV Voice)

Hows everyone been, I been gone for the last three months studying for the MCAT. Finally getting back on the Forum and working on Revelations again, be sure to see some updates. If you have any skills in composing or spriting I would appreciate a little help, but it feels good to have some free time again.

Resident Evil 6

No sure if you all are fans or not but the English trailer for Resident Evil 6 is out. Im a big RE fan so I figured Id post it.

Best Game Openings: RPG Version

Basically post the best RPG introduction movie or scene. If nothing else we have something good to look at but seeing some of these movies make me want to play these games again. Also I dont want to see someone else's top 50 list, post your own favorite.

Suggest-Me An-OST

Intro: When I work on my game I like to listen to game OSTs, they keep me focused, often are added to the game and provide ideas for mapping in terms of mood. So if any of you have any good OST suggestions please post them here. I'd prefer RPG OSTs, but I will listened to MGS's OST on occasion. Help keep my creative drive going.

Currently Listening To: Star Ocean 2 OST and Wild Arms 2 OST

Christmas Wish List

Concept is simple, whats your Christmas Wish list and what do you plan on getting others this year.

- A Car: Lets face it Im a 22 year old college grad, I need a car especially since my sister and I shared one last year at college. Thank God Baylor is not as big as UT.
- Final Fantasy Type-0: I need something to take my mind off why Square Enix would even think about make a sequel to FFXIII. Besides that I havent played a JRPG or any RPG since I got Skyrim, so I'd like a small change.

For Other:
- 1 Hour Massage: My brother has a bad back so I figured this would work.
- IPhone for Mom
- Clothes for Everyone Else

Your Turn.
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