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Demo Due Soon


Looks great.

DBS Gauge-type layout.. Yay or nay?

While you are given alot of space you lose the visual text that displays the Conditions. While you can use animations to display these conditions, your game utilizes many conditions other than status effects that are crucial to the games system. However you can utilize a system that would display the players conditions such as Perfect through changes to the Facesets. I used a system similar to this in Tales of Falonia, in which your Facesets within battle changed in relation to the amount of HP you possessed.

Ghosts of the Arcanum

Oh yea Vaporware, the best of the best. But I hope this project is completed its been atleast 3 years since Ive worked with RM2k3 so its refreshing to see this project again.


I dont really like the position of the bar, perhaps to the right side or left side of the portrait would fit better. But thats just me, I am really happy you started working on this project and if you need any help contact me. Im Ashramaru/Alucardxdemon from the GW days and anything to help get this project to completion would be my pleasure.

The Last Bible

Yea, I broke it apart and redid the Battle System. I was also contemplating using VX for it, but I'm about to update this Blog.


I like the : it is something new.


Ha, I hear you. But make sure to take my advise and use the FFXII Skin Gradient that you can recolor. Simply because I feel that creators don't take the time to make every skin look nice.


No not the Background, I think its nice, I mean the Menu Background. It looks like you went into paints and when ape-shit on the spray brush.
Nice Solid Battle Menu Background
Crisp Menu Background

I could keep going on, but I would recommend the design of FFXII's Battle Menu to the T, even duplicate the colors. Other than that I want to hear more about this system :).


Nice graphics, decent sized map, looks good.