Breaking/Repairing gear and my issue with it...

In 2k3, I want my weapons to break after a set number of fights or battles. I have that part working, however, the counter still rises when the item in not equiped, and resets when re-equiped. Any suggestions for how to remedy this issue?

Repairs has a similar problem. I can repair one item at a time. Can I do it all at once and how can i set the repair cost to equal the total damage?

I don't have the script handy but heres the best I can describe it:
If "Hero" has "Item A" equiped, variable "Item A Durability" value is set 0. Battle command event raises this value +1 for each turn taken by "Hero" When value of variable "Item A durability" reaches a set number (I'm using 50) The message pops up; '"Item A" has broken and needs to be replaced." the item is then unequiped and removed from the bag.

My weapons merchant is set up to have a branch before the shop window asking if the player would like to repair the weapon. Its set up to pay the value of 1:1 coin to "Item A Durability" value ratio. (20 damage is 20 coins) It then resets the variable value to 0 and shows a message of completion.

Can someone help me?
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