Do you like Dr. Who and anime?

For the fans of Doctor Who...

Ever wanted to know what would happen if Japan turned Dr. Who into an anime? Well, this is one possible direction. :P

this is where you bitch about snow

So it's snowing, and I'm locked away from my college. I need one lone printer to complete my project for a class, that will probably be completely ink-depleted and/or queued with a long line by the time I get to it tomorrow. Suffice to say, the one thought resounding in my head is "FUCK!"


RMXP Message box limit?

Is RPG Maker XP supposed to limit you to three lines per message box? I've tested this on two computers, and the Show Message event only allows me to input three lines. Inside both the event box and XP, it seems that there is definitely extra room for a fourth line to be added. Anyone know what's going on?

Your Own "WTF" Moments

Well...tonight I had mine when I rebooted my computer, following an uninstallation of my firewall. When the computer showed the first BIOS screen, nothing beyond the motherboard number/BIOS version/press DEL to enter setup/etc. showed up, and it froze for no apparent reason. I couldn't even enter the Setup. Naturally, I thought "fuck, my motherboard fried..." and rebooted several more times, each of them freezing the same way. After several minutes, I saw that my Sansa mp3 player was still plugged in; I thought to myself "how can a lone mp3 player stop my computer from booting?"

Then I unplugged my Sansa, and it started booting normally again. ???

So, what's your story of total random weirdness?

Good Article on Fantasy World Building by fantasy author Patricia C. Wrede.

For you budding writers, this is a nice guide to building your new world. Note that one shouldn't take it and overthink what it suggests; rather, use it as a guideline to get you started. One can safely omit some or many parts from it, if your story does not need or mention them. :)

Defense of the Ancients

Anyone here play this Warcraft III map? I need to find more people to play against, or with. :P

TDA's system has too many flaws, and public games can get irritating after awhile.

FREE and Useful Tools and Utilities

Hey guys, I didn't see any other topics such as this on the forum, so I figured I'd start one. Basically, it's going to be a list of programs that one could find useful for their games, whatever they may be. Some of these programs are actually used by professionals out there, too, so they may be worth giving a shot. :) Feel free to post any others that you know of!

3D Modeling/Animation:
Blender ( Multi-platform 3D modeling and animation package. Comes with two renderers, and is expandable through the Python language.

Image Creation/Editing:
GIMP ( Multi-platform image editor. Not quite as powerful as Photoshop, but very close.
Inkscape ( Multi-platform vector graphics editor.

Sound Creation/Editing:
Audacity ( Multi-platform sound creator and editor. Can export to MP3s and OGGs (MP3s require the LAME library).
LAME ( Library used by a number of programs for handling the creation/editing of MP3s.

That's all for now; I'll update it when I get the chance. Right now, it's getting pretty late. :o

-takes a bow-

Hello, denizens of!

I am Atavus Dei, amateur (and practicing) writer and budding 3D artist, and someone who's actually been around for somewhat of awhile, though as a lurker. I've more or less floated around various sites in the RPG Maker community, and also experimented a little with the various RPG Makers (2000, 2003, VX) in the past, but have never actually joined a community of any kind until now. I figured it'd be about time I go to the next level and start off here. Always wanted to create a game of my own, and well, everyone here seems to share the same mindset. :)

Going deeper into the 3D aspect, I've learned plenty of Maya in the past year and a half, and am thinking of actually developing a webcomic in the future using it and other tools. I'm hoping to start learning Blender sometime soon, as I've heard alot of good things about it, not to mention it's completely free unlike the thousands of green gold Maya's highest package costs. 3D Studio Max is also something else that I want to get into at some point, as I've heard it's what game companies use as compared to Maya's fans in the film-making industry.

In addition, I'm also a techie of sorts, though mid-to-high level (not really heavily into IT stuff, though I know alot of advanced computing concepts and have built computers before). I'm interested in also learning some programming, though that is secondary compared to my desire to do artwork.

I heard you guys needed reviewers for games; well, I'm up for the task. I'll try to make them as informative (and entertaining) as they possibly can. :)

Take care.
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