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A Child Called Ash
Prequel of a prequel for a MtF daughter of lions



Forsaken Isle Review

Heh. We all had to start somewhere, no? There is good reason I stopped RPG Making for a while after this one... and then had Tawny, Zeke and Carol star in a sequel. One of these days, I really do wanna make a third game starring them.

Thanks for giving this one a look. :)


Eyyyyy, great to see you make a new game, and an interesting concept at that! I may have to check this out.

...kinda curious if and how the cabbie runs into classic SimCity disasters. Hmm. More reason to play, no?

The Painted Knight Review

Learned a lot from this outing, I did. I'm glad it did better than Forsaken Isle, especially as this is a sequel, but still. I'm glad I broke even for the characters in this entry.

Like I said in your recent review for A Maned Lioness, I feel like this review (and its accompanying LP video) had been here before. I don't know if it'd been taken down before and re-added, or if I've finally gone insane. Anywho, maybe I'll dump something better than this game here someday. Like an actual RPG, not a visual novel.

A Maned Lioness Review

I could've sworn you'd played this and The Painted Knight as videos before...?

Anyway, this """game""" sucks. I don't know why people like this melodramatic, saccharine piece of shit. Seriously, A Child Called Ash does everything this could do much, much better. And more.

The Lonely League

Congratulations on completing this! I'm really proud of you; it's been a while, but I am glad you stuck to your guns and completed Lonely League. Will give the finished game a proper look when I can.

Happy Birthday To Yeen Review

Ah, thank you for checking this one out! You're not kidding about the tonal whiplash, I gotta say. Heck, it's a whiplash even in the game itself, between silliness and somberness. Still, I'll take it for what it is. And yeah, I prefer Disturbed's older stuff myself. "A Reason To Fight" is like the only song I like on their Evolution album.

For the record: Nazreen is based on a striped hyena, not a spotted one. So no psuedo-peen for her, don't you worry. And the thing close to it is temporary through their lifetime. Luckily she's also a fantasy animal-person where such things wouldn't be necessary, and thus aren't present. Jeez, am I really the only furry here? :p

If Twitter kicks the bucket, might start posting my game design thoughts here or Tumblr

Ý̸̪̰͈̊̕È̶̤̈̏S̴̞̹̼͍̓̍ ̶̘͠͝B̶͍̳̓U̶̦̔͌̆̕R̴̢͒͠N̶̘̭̗̦͌ ̷̟̈̇͆M̸̢̢͎̘̋͠Ő̶̡̪̰͠Ť̴̖̻̀́͜H̷̭̟͕͚̾̔͐̚É̴͎̰̀̔̃R̸̘̪̓̒̈́̕F̶̰͛̅̾́Ũ̸̘̤̕̚͝C̴̼͂ͅK̵̡̉͂̀͠Ë̶̡̩́R̸̤͋ ̸̢̞́̄͜B̴̻̮̊̍͛̓U̸̧͓̥̻̇͋̀̚U̵͚͂͊Ȕ̶̥̱̰͗͒Ư̸͈͐̇Ü̷̩̑̑͌Ű̷͖͉Ŕ̶̡͠N̵̜̲͍̗̓ ̶͙̣͑>̶̱̿̎͜:̸̫̹̪̒͠Ḍ̸̡̿̑͘͝

I mean uh

Yeah, I'd like to see your theorycrafting here. May I also suggest RPG Maker's official forums? There's a subforum where ideas are discussed all the time.

Is this site bread? Dragoon.

Is AI generated art ethical?

I mean, people with talent aren't out of a job yet. It's like people using Hero Forge to create images of their characters. A tool for people who aren't artistically inclined, but nothing special and which pales compared to actual talent. Heck, I can't even draw that well myself, much as I have fun with it. Mostly.

Do I think the easy-peasy generated stuff belongs on art sites? No, not necessarily, especially not on places for professional like ArtStation. I keep telling DeviantArt to "see less like this" when I've witnessed the umpteenth Hero Forge screenshot. It starts to feel like no-effort spam by then. I'd rather take foot fetish crap that looks like a horny ten-year-old drew it on MS Paint.

Do I think that someone could get good at AI generated art, and have been impressed by some of those images? Yes. Of course, there's examples that look like the American box art of the original Mega Man. I view AI art generators like a tool, a medium like any other.

Do I think "stealing" art is always unethical (read: pure evil and if you're remotely related to anyone who does, you get the bullet too, so say armchair activists)? Uh... no. Tell that to everyone who'd used a reference, or who's used someone else's art for a private D&D character image. Art is made to be witnessed and enjoyed, or made to be created for fun and leisure. The only hard pass I have is for stealing art for NFTs that were never intended to be an NFT. Or using one's OC for cybersex RP.

If you wanna throw a price tag on it, I get that and support it. I'm a furry. Why wouldn't I respect artists who offer their art for a price? It's kinda awesome how people can do art professionally as a side hustle, and it amazes me how people who practically draw for a living don't seem to get sick of it. I pay and even overpay artists for their commissioned work.

If there are artists who specifically wouldn't want their art used for AI stuff? I understand it, and they should be able to act upon a cease-and-desist, even if I disagree that art should be protected so closely. Public and open domain exist for a reason, and when you struggle too hard to protect your precious creations? Well, you get the kind of crap Nintendo and Disney do with their IPs. Or you act like the obsessed auteur who's more focused on copyrighting their works than creating or refining them.

tl;dr Context matters, but I don't think artists are out of a job yet. I could see AI being a medium of its own, but I also get people not wanting to be a part of it. For now, AI art is a tool, especially for people who lack professional-level art skills themselves.

Is this site dead? Newcomer.

The Discord server is where most of RMN's community can be found these days. It's highly active with regular posts. For the forums themselves, people post now and again, and game jams are hosted here. But to actively hang out with the community, you'll wanna use the Discord.

I however dislike some of the people on said Discord, so I haven't been on it in like a year. A few bad apples, am I right?