In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Keeper of the Fog
Resident Sweet Home: Vulpine Mod



Awful haikus

That new masterpiece
Was brought by insomnia
I want sleep, goddamn

Awful haikus

Automatic dick
Give the old in out, in out
Transhumanist porn

Trap Saves

Here, I thought this was a thread about putting tabletop mechanics into JRPGs. I even had a rant to go on about making "skill checks" a narrative thing.

Hmm. Anywho.

I absolutely agree with Darken about that Weigraf fight in Final Fantasy Tactics. Stuff like that happens a couple times with no warning in the game, marring a personal masterpiece. What if you don't have a class on Ramza to play keep-away with? What if you didn't get his Shout ability? Heck, I hadn't known about the Chameleon Robe method to force Weigraf not to obliterate you with Lightning Stab, and the ability's mislabeled too. It's a holy-element attack, not lightning as the PSX English translation said back when. How would the average player figure out how to cheese, and that the best strat is to cheese?

Conveyance is absolutely important for games. Warnings like "this is a point of no return; let's only face this if we're ready". Heck, save points in the SNES-era Final Fantasy games usually convey when a boss is nearby. Igavanias and Mega Man games have doors to tell you that a boss is up ahead. If games can warn about a bigger challenge up ahead, why not warn about parts where you could softlock a save file?

I can see a point of no return for the final crawl of the game. Get your grinding in, max out your consumables, finish your sidequests, and prepare for the final exam of the game's challenges. Heck, ways to escape most dungeons work just fine! Pokemon has Escape Ropes and the Teleport move, Dragon Quest has Outside / Evac, Etrian Odyssey has Araidne's Thread, et cetera.

tl;dr Warn your players first, holy crap. Or, just don't intentionally put scenarios like that in a game. :v

RMN Holiday Calendar

Wow. You actually pulled it off. Was there reason to doubt? Congratulations, and thank you for a job well done.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

(Deleted again)

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

(Another baleet. Sorry, that's like three times total this thread. :x)

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021


Alright. Dropping out of the game after all. I'm not in the mood for this.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

On the one hand, I would complain that this is something Christmas-related the day before Thanksgiving in the US. >:|

On the other hand, last year was a lot of fun and I'm feeling like a jolly Mrs. Claws... er, Claus this year. In other words, I'm quite game! I'm uncertain if Marrend liked my gifted text LP or not, but I am my own worst critic. It's the thought that counts, no?

Would Love:
- Art of one of my three MCs from my games (references here); drawing, short fiction, whatever
- Text or video LP for one of my games, especially if done in a fun way (in-character as one of your OCs, with a sense of humor or style of narration, etc)

Would Like:
- A short game; I feel it's a bit much, but if you're brave enough...
- Worst case scenario, here's my Steam wishlist

Pls Don't:
- Resources for one of my games
- Like seriously


Interesting caveat. Sign me up. :o