Star Child Review

Thanks for the review! You always flatter me so much in them OTL

As for the bug, if you try to use the arrow keys while the mouse is hovering over the screen, it'll screw up your selection, so I think that's just an MV issue (can't think of anything else that would cause this problem)

Inazuma did 99% of the art that you see in the game, save for a handful of things!

Your gam in a nut shell

Ah, don't worry about making use of cliches! If that's what you want to write in then by all means go for it, the most important thing is execution. Of course, taking risks is a good way to grow as a game developer too so there's no wrong answer tbh :D

Your gam in a nut shell

its because the nutshell wasnt big enough im sorry

i havent found any vidyas that i feel can encapsulate my own project but i do have this picture

Your gam in a nut shell

Black Crystals

Been looking forward to this one :3

Umbral Soul Review

Another five star review!? Wow…this game continues to still break ground even after months after it’s done. Very nice.

Although…judging by the scoring system given here, I’m a little bit confused why it ultimately ended up getting a 5 out of 5, considering the gameplay section got a 3.5 and the art and music sections got a 2 out of 5. Wouldn’t that lower the overall score down just a wee bit because of that???

Anyways…good review, AtlasAtrium. You’ve done good here.

Ah, if I were judging the game for a contest or something the overall score would tank - however, my final score is ultimately dependent on how worthwhile I felt the experience was and as mentioned in the review, this is one of the most fun RM games I've played yet!

In short, the independent scores are for other people, the concluding score is for me :D

Umbral Soul Review

As much as I love diabolical ploys, this review was unfortunately not in the heart of the game, if you know what I mean ;j

Jokes aside, I've been in a very reflective state regarding my own works for the longest time since I'm naturally drawn to making games that are much more slow paced - while I am comfortable with that style, I've always been envious of people who could make a fun, thrilling ride from start to finish and I think that seeing your work has helped me to understand how to better achieve that goal!

Seriously, if you're free I'd love to chat with you sometime! Heheh.
(Though to do that you would have to be alive, EMT is already on its way so try to cling to consciousness for like 10 more minutes, give or take)


Star Child - IGMC Page

Me and Inazuma's entry! On itch, and now on here - funny thing actually, it should've been on here earlier but it got denied the first time because I was like 'ehhh the description is kinda short but a lot of games on this site have a desc. more or less this length so I'm sure it's fine' (it wasn't)

oh well, not that it matters much but lesson learned either way lmao

Prom Dreams: A High School Love Story Review

It's okay I know exactly how you feel, I was the same way with my early games but now that it's been a while since then, I keep reminding myself not to take stuff like that so personally (though a lot of it was less actual criticism and more a general 'you suck at writing and your plot is stupid' kinda deal and other things of that caliber, but I think I've gotten better at ignoring those).