Some demo releasing concerns.

Okay, so I've been working on a game for quite some time and should have a demo fairly soon, but I've been a bit worried about releasing a demo. The reason being that even though I'd like the early feedback, the final game itself will take a long time to complete so by the time it's out, it'll be buried under a mountain of new games, and maybe a handful of subscribers may or may not decide to take a brief look again (if there are any) - it seems like most other games get around this either by having really good PR, having a lot of custom content, or being made by someone who's RM famous to some degree. As a result, I'm concerned that the full game, if released on this site, will have very little traffic compared to a fresh release of the full game without an initial early demo (maybe that wouldn't have so much traffic either, but what can ya do)

Not really sure what I want to do at this point. Anybody care to help me from going nuts about something that probably has a simple answer?

Earth Element = Physical Damage

I never understood the mechanic of earth spells dealing earth elemental damage in video games. Well, I mean, I understand the MECHANIC, but it never made SENSE. Why would earth have its own elemental damage? Why doesn't it just deal physical damage? You're literally smashing your enemies with rocks, I don't care if you levitated it with a magic spell. It's not like that would suddenly make your warriors useless because they tank and have physical skills that have more effects than simply outputting physical damage. And in cases of a party that happens to have only one or a few physical attack characters, it gives your mage options against enemies who are resistant to magic instead of making them useless for the fight (or at least more options than they had before if you bothered to give them buff/debuff spells)

Does the Earth Element have a place or is it just some nonsensical cog in elemental rock-paper-scissors that nobody wants to discuss or point out?
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