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+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Plugin update alert! I discovered and fixed a bug in my previous update to DynDatabaseOverride: when animations frames cels data was exported, the green and blue values were being mixed up. This will affect any animations where the green and blue cast values for any cels are different from each other, even if you're not trying to use DynDatabaseOverride to manipulate your animations (it automatically exports the database on startup, then applies that data as the default when starting a new game or loading). So, if you're using the 1.2 version, make sure to upgrade to 1.2.1 or some of your animations may look different than you intended.

How much lore should you find in a university library ?

I don't know about the question of how much exactly to put in, but here's a suggestion for making a limited amount feel natural: place a number of books laying open around the place, like somebody had been reading them and just left them out for a bit. That suggests to the player that these are particularly interesting reads -- somebody else sought them out after all -- and gives an excuse why you'd only get a tiny scrap of info from them -- you're just glancing at what's visible on the open page. If you really want to have extra lore, maybe you can put that in the shelved books for players who enjoy scraping every little tidbit from the world.

[RM2K3] (DynRPG) Looking for a plugin that can reverse animations for back/surround Attacks.

If you mean animations that you call through script, then yes, DynAnimationMirror lets you do that.

EDIT: On second thought, you'd also need to know in-script when you're in a special battle like that. Easy enough if you're the one initiating the battle through script, but not if it was a random encounter. We could add that to DynDataAccess without too much trouble.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Plugin update alert! In the DynDatabaseOverride plugin, I've added the ability to override the data for animations (and the associated effects and frame cels). Why would you want to be able to override animation data? Well, it came to me when I was working on an animation that involved some fireballs spinning in a ring and rising. That wasn't something easy to make look right by eyeballing it, so I whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate where the fireballs should be each frame. Then I got to actually placing them, frame by frame, was of course tedious. e.e So I decided to gamble the time it would take me to add the animations stuff to DynDatabaseOverride against the time I'd save on this and any potential future animations. Dunno if it will be a winning gamble for me personally in the long run, but hopefully it'll help some of you too. X) Here are a couple of sample animations from the DynDatabaseOverride example project:

Elite Affixes

Obviously you could boost any of the other stats as well -- attack, defense, intelligence, mana.

Depending on how custom-implemented your battle system is, you could choose a random other enemy for each turn of the elite enemy and directly boost them, maybe even give them an extra action. Or you could have the elite enemy intercept attacks made against the chosen random enemy, protecting them. That's a very pie-in-the-sky idea requiring interference with the player's actions, of course.

Lying to Players

On a more productive note, does anybody know some ways in which the typical human player's bias and unwarranted feelings of being cheated can be mitigated when you don't lie to them? For example, as has already been discussed, a lot of players will think of 95% chance of success as a 'sure thing', but if you tell them they're rolling a 20-sided die and anything but a 1 will succeed (same as 95% chance), I'd think they're a tad more likely to accept the result, especially if you can show them the die being 'physically' rolled. In fact, they might be even less perturbed by rolling two 1s on 6-sided dice than rolling 1 on a 20-sided die, even though that's less likely (1/36 instead of 1/20), because they feel like a 1/6 failure can happen easily enough -- and so, why couldn't it happen twice in a row? That's the intuitive understanding of probability going awry again, but in a way more favorable to the player's perception of the game.

Has anybody seen any methods successfully used in games to get players to be more accepting of random outcomes?

Most underrated video game OSTs?

Reaching WAY back to the Commodore 64, there's the theme from International Karate, AKA World Karate Championship. I tried to set the link below to start at a certain time, but the forum system apparently didn't like it, so I'll just recommend you skip to the 4-minute mark. That's about where it suddenly jumps from a chill background tune to a wired fancy-footwork jam. 8o I always viewed hearing this music as the reward for lasting long enough in the game to reach it (the music resets when the game does, and it only lets you linger for so long after losing). You can, of course, listen from the beginning if you want to experience the full thing.

There's also the title theme for a frustrating platformer called Coil Cop, but I couldn't find that online. :P

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Plugin update alert! In the DynBattlerChange plugin, I found a bug in the @dynbattlerchange_reposition_party_member comment command which would cause the game to crash when a non-existent party member number was used, so...fixed it.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

No clue, either in terms of what you mean be dll versus lib, or in what the differences would be even if I knew.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I switched to 0.32 Unofficial a long time ago. As far as I can tell the only difference is that it adds a bunch of new functionality. Code written for 0.20 should in theory compile and run just fine in 0.32.